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The Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer: Proven to Increase Productivity by 14%

In today’s fast-paced, accuracy-driven world of information, losing time and making mistakes by using the wrong mobile computer is not an option — especially in a warehouse. Instead, choose the opposite with the Zebra TC8000 mobile computer, which is proven to increase productivity and usability while reducing effort and total-cost-of-ownership. It’s a win-win for you and your workforce.

Did we mention the TC8000 increases productivity by 14%?

Zebra’s TC8000 is the most innovative mobile computer solution on the market. It features a revolutionary design, intuitive touchscreen, and all-day hot swap batteries to help your workforce increase productivity by 14%.

What could you do with that kind of efficiency?

For one, you can get nine hours of work done in eight, with less fatigue and effort required by a traditional mobile computer. You can also train new workers in less time with greater accuracy. Whatever you do, it increases the productivity in your warehouse by 14%. Now see how that adds up.

Here’s another angle: reduce effort, save time

If there’s one feature of the TC8000 that users love most, it’s the revolutionary screen angle. Zebra designed the TC8000 so that the screen faces the user — thereby eliminating the need to tilt the device to see the screen. By simply removing the need to actively turn it, the TC8000 reduces muscle effort by 15%. That’s a pretty impressive angle.

In addition to reducing physical effort, the TC8000 is equipped with SimulScan technology, which simplifies the barcode scanning process by capturing multiple barcodes at once, and even entire forms containing text fields, check boxes, signatures, and more. One scan is all it takes to collect all the necessary data.

Virtual keyboard leads to faster speed and fewer errors

The TC8000 features All-touch TE software, which automatically converts the traditional “green screen” of a mobile computer into an intuitive touch screen. To TC8000_2bring back the legacy green screen, all it takes is a simple push of a button. And since All-touch TE is ready for use right out of the box, the time that you would typically spend programming and licensing the device can now be used for real work.

With its graphics-based, intuitive screen, it takes your workers fewer steps to finish a task — so it works in their favor by saving time and even increasing accuracy. Add it up, and you get up to 40% more speed and 60% fewer errors.

Get all-day productivity with powerful hot swap batteries

Equipped with the largest battery in its class, the TC8000 can hold a charge for three shifts before needing to be changed. And because productivity shouldn’t halt for a battery change, you can easily hot swap a dying battery for a fully charged one to keep working as though nothing happened.

For even more dependability, PowerPrecision+ technology provides battery-life metrics to let you know when you have any batteries that can no longer hold a full charge — so you know in advance when you need to replace them.

The Zebra TC8000 mobile computer provides greater ROI

Reliable, innovative, and user-friendly, the Zebra TC8000 is proven to make your warehouse 14% more productive — the only mobile computer of its kind. From its groundbreaking screen angle to its virtual keyboard, it reduces the time and effort required to get the job done. And with powerful hot swap batteries, charging downtime is a thing of the past. You haven’t known peak performance until you’ve used the Zebra TC8000.

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