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WiFi Networks

Is Your Wireless Network Operating At Peak Performance?

When it comes to your wireless network, Lowry understands how important it is to keep mission-critical applications running at peak performance.

The wireless network is the backbone of your enterprise. Each enterprise has its own bandwidth, security, and coverage requirements. Whether you’re adding devices to your network or adding applications to your devices, make sure that your wireless network is designed and maintained by Lowry to ensure peak performance.

You can count on Lowry’s comprehensive line of wireless network services for all of your wireless networking needs. Our four-step process—Discover, Plan, Implement, and Achieve—is essential for start-to-finish service and support proven to keep wireless networks running and sensitive data secure.

Is Your Wireless Network Operating At Peak Performance
Discover: Wireless Network Services—assess And Review

Wireless Network Assessment

Lowry can assess your existing wireless network to determine if it can support the planned mobile devices or mobile applications. We will deliver a full report detailing the current state of your wireless network along with recommendations for increasing its usability and stability.

Wireless network assessment features:

  • Overall system health assessment
  • Check of system performance
  • Interference from other wireless networks
  • Comprehensive mapping of coverage and density of your wireless network

Wireless Network Business Review

Lowry can provide the wireless technology you need to take advantage of many valuable applications. A Lowry Business Review begins by investigating your current processes and applications and applying wireless expertise to increase your productivity, eliminate waste, keep customers happy, and increase your bottom line.

Our wireless business review examines:

  • Geographical usage areas
  • Mobility requirements
  • Throughput needs
  • Security enforcements
Wireless Network
Plan: Wireless Network Services—design

Through a comprehensive and repeatable process we create a roadmap toward the successful implementation and future growth of the network as a whole. Beyond typical wireless hardware placement and configuration items our process also includes future maintenance concerns, network and closet capacity, bandwidth requirements, application requirements, existing infrastructure, and future growth and expansion plans.

Our wireless network design services include: wireless network site survey and design, cabling infrastructure site survey and design, conduit/cable tray site survey and design, and closet/cabinet site survey and design.

Implement: Wireless Network Implementation, Installation, Validation, And Security

Wireless Network Implementation and Commissioning

Lowry defines wireless implementation as the commissioning of the wireless network. We will configure any wireless controllers and update their firmware to the latest code, create any redundancies between multiple controllers, program all access points and associate them to the controller, if applicable, and validate the system’s operation.

This service is available regardless of who designed your wireless system. However, having Lowry design and implement your system will ensure a smooth operational transition for the system.

Mobile Solutions
Wireless Installation Services

From physical and backbone installations to conduit/cable tray and closet or cabinet implementations, you can trust Lowry’s team of experts to successfully install your wireless network for optimal performance.

We’ll install the access points, external antennas, power supplies, controllers, and patch cables for the wireless network system. Lowry will supply all of the ladders, tools, and lift vehicles for the operation as well as observe all facility work and safety practices.

Wireless Network Validation

Lowry’s Wireless Network Validation is a service that combines the best of wireless design with an eye toward blending new practices with your existing system. During a wireless validation, Lowry will investigate the current state of your network in such areas as coverage, frequency band usage, density coordination, and interference from the outside that may affect how well your network can perform.

Through our process we will gather pertinent information and map out the next steps for improving your wireless network.

Wireless Mobile Device Management

Many organizations are seeing a real benefit in allowing their employees to utilize their mobile devices because it means more productivity and less cost of having to supply their employee with the devices. The challenge, is ensuring the security of these devices on the network.

Lowry follows a complete process for mobile device management (MDM) which includes assessment, plan development, and implementation. Applying our expertise in mobile computing and wireless networks, Lowry can help your organization create a roadmap for secure and efficient mobile device management.

Wireless Security Review

  • Onsite evaluations of the network
  • Assessment of security practices
  • Recommendation of remedial activities that can shore up network

Wireless Security Design

  • Create specific policies and practices for compliance
  • Create a view of a plan for the future

Wireless Security Implementation

  • Manage all aspects of the wireless security implementation from installation to configuration
  • Reduce deployment time and minimize deployment costs
Achieve: Wireless Network Services—performance Management, Managed Services

A wireless network is an ever-changing environment dictated in part by user demands. As the network changes our perception of acceptable performance changes as well. Lowry achieves a wireless network that consistently performs to expectations through wireless performance management and wireless network managed services.

Data Stores
Wireless performance management:
  • Places tools on your network that look at the end-to-end performance in your network
  • Pinpoint problems that are causing issues
  • Evaluate the entire network rather than separating the wired from the wireless network
Wireless network managed services:
  • Cost-efficient, expert management services for a scalable wireless network
  • Flexible services that can be customized for your environment
  • Monitor security protocol
  • Monitor system performance
  • Set up guest networks

Lowry Solutions is your one-stop solution for wireless network service. Contact us to discuss all wireless network services.


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