Profit and productivity are in store for your retail business with Lowry’s retail solutions. Through extensive RFID and barcode products and services and advanced relational database software, Lowry retail solutions capture and track detailed item and asset information helping you optimize efficiencies from the back office to checkout.
Our retail solutions include retail asset management solutions, RFID retail solutions, Inventory management solutions, mobile store solutions, and field service.


From point-of-sale signage and graphics to furnishings and mannequins, department stores, electronics retailers, specialty shops and big-box chains can easily amass large inventories of creative assets used to sell products.

Asset management is an essential retail solution offered by Lowry. With a Lowry asset management solution users can quickly and easily locate any creative asset—reducing the time required for audits or inventories, and track its complete life-cycle from acquisition to disposal.

This retail solution is versatile enough to track IT assets, equipment, and vehicles for effective visibility, control, and accountability.


Lowry RFID retail solutions improve every aspect of merchandise management delivering on the promise of item level tracking to help retailers keep the floor stocked, take accurate inventory, process incoming orders, and reduce shrinkage. Capturing the movement of any item within the store and throughout the supply chain, Lowry RFID retail solutions provide the visibility to help you improve product availability and customer service.


RFID systems raise inventory accuracy to 99%

Lowry inventory management solutions give you the real-time, item-level inventory insight to know what is in stock—and how to find it. Equipped with this information your associates will spend more time selling merchandise and less time looking for it.

Inventory management solutions drastically reduce the time it takes to check inventory—what once required days or weeks can be completed in minutes or hours with an RFID handheld reader. RFID-enabled shelves can even take inventory on their own!

Compared to the 75% or lower accuracy of POS-based data, RFID-based inventory management solutions raise inventory accuracy to 99% or higher.

Lowry’s inventory management solutions also help retailers verify shipment accuracy and minimize shrinkage. Manufacturers or producers can use inventory management to capture case-level traceability information to assist in product recall.



Mobile access to real-time information makes it possible to turn browsers into buyers, enhance your customers’ experience and empower your associates with agility and intelligence.

RFID and Wi-Fi-enabled handheld computers, tablets, and other mobile devices keep associates connected to product and inventory information so that they can become better connected to customers by answering questions, finding the right product and providing superior service.

Research by our technology partner, Motorola, says that 45% of retailers have made empowering associates a five-year priority. Don’t let the competition be first! Trust Lowry’s mobile store solutions to get you there today!


Lowry field service solutions boost productivity and profitability for any retail business that provides an on-site service after the sale. With real-time access to information on products delivered, parts replaced and installations completed, Lowry field service solutions give you the information to complete more jobs every day, reduce operating costs, improve customer service, and increase customer satisfaction.

Contact your Lowry sales representative today to learn how our retail solutions can empower your associates, increase the efficiency of your asset tracking and inventory management, and improve your customers’ experience for greater customer loyalty.