Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Implementing an enterprise mobility strategy is essential for supply chain businesses to stay competitive and understand the true business value of their mobile devices. But the demands of managing this plan create an entirely new set of challenges for you to address.

When it comes to enterprise mobility, key challenges for businesses include:

  • Decentralized support services
  • Device provisioning and OS standardization
  • Asset management and recovery
  • Corporate data risk
  • Application deployment and support
  • No one solution or provider
  • No dominant platform

A mobile device management (MDM) service provides you with true visibility and complete support to enable, manage, and grow your mobile workforce.


Lowry Solutions offers a cloud-hosted MDM service to help you monitor, manage, secure, and support your mobile strategy. We partner with your company to provide a complete onboarding program and learning system to ensure a smooth, efficient transition to the new service. Tailored specifically to your deployment needs, this MDM solution will help you grow your business and increase productivity—all while meeting your budget and goals.

What’s included in Lowry’s cloud-hosted MDM services?

  • Remote Support: Remote help desk capability supports a growing mobile workforce.
  • Location & Geofencing: Track company-owned devices and locate them on maps.
  • Monitoring & Alerts: Get real-time alerts to measure usage and other device data.
  • Dashboard & KPIs: Monitor your own data from your customized online dashboard, tailored to your business.
  • Real-time Asset Visibility: Track the status and location of all your devices in real time.
  • Application Management: Download approved enterprise applications and maintain an application’s inventory.

Remote Support: Remote support is the fastest and most reliable interactive remote control of Android and Windows devices for optimal help desk capability and troubleshooting, as well as remote view and advanced device management available for iOS devices.

These best-in-class remote help desk capabilities offer administrators the ability to support their growing mobile workforce.

Location Services and Geofencing: Geofences allow certain actions to be performed once a product or asset leaves or enters a designated area. This permits the simple tracking of an asset or product, and can significantly help protect products from theft. These geofences can be as simple or complex as the user would like, allowing pinpoint and location updates on assets or products.

  • Enable mobile device monitoring with Geofence Alerts
  • Detect and lock down lost or stolen devices
  • Execute defined actions automatically when devices enter or exit geofenced areas
  • Provision applications, policies, and services

Monitoring & Alerts: Real-time alerts notify the user when certain actions are being performed on a device, or when an asset has moved outside of its allowed boundaries. Users can choose to receive alerts when an asset passes through a geofence, either to prevent theft or to manage the asset’s movement. Alerts can also branch out to other conditions or a product or asset, including the warranty status or service plan for that specific product.

Dashboard & KPIs: Your customized dashboard will display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), providing everything you need to know about your devices, such as net revenues and product output. Alerts will notify you when targeted KPIs are met or when they reach a certain point designated by the user. This improves the efficiency of many processes, allowing the user to instantly see what they need to know without the hassle of manually searching for the necessary data.

Lowry MDM Reports

Deployment Rule Summary
Deployment Rule Summary Report is about deployment rule exceptions. It shows how many devices have executed the rule successfully, are pending, or have encountered an error.

Connectivity Information Report
Connectivity Information Report is a detailed report regarding a device’s connectivity.

Device Activity Report
Device Activity Report provides information about the device’s activity during a specific time period.

Deployment Rule Report
Deployment Rule Report is a detailed report of deployment rules and all devices.

Real-time Asset Visibility: Real-time asset visibility allows you to see products or other key materials at any point in time. This alerts the user when a product or asset passes a geofence boundary or reaches a designated location. If a device leaves a designated geofence sector, this feature allows the user to make quick decisions to protect the device, like locking it against theft and damage.

Application Management: Users can manage applications on selected devices to prevent the installation of malicious software. They can do this manually by receiving alerts when applications need updating or malicious software tries to install itself in the background; or they can configure their device to automatically download and update pre-authorized applications. By viewing the catalog of available applications, users can see where each application was downloaded from.


When you buy hardware from Lowry Solutions, you have the chance to enroll in a free 30-day trial of our exclusive MDM services.

Our trial includes a user-friendly onboarding plan to walk you through every step of MDM setup—from installing the software and training your staff to preparing inventory, asset management, and other customized reports.

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