About Us

Our Mission,

Providing innovative technology solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

Mike Lowry

President & CEO

Since 1980, Mike Lowry has been the CEO and President of Lowry Holding Company, Inc., a family business founded in 1974. Through his leadership, he transformed Lowry from a regional distributor to a national manufacturer and provider of technology solutions that are now in the vanguard of industry compliance.

Steve Lowry

Executive Vice President

As a partner with Lowry Holding Company, Inc., Steve Lowry leads the company’s government team which holds a GSA contract and has been awarded numerous DOD contracts.
Thanks to his help, Lowry Solutions (then Lowry Computer) was named the Michigan small business Government supplier of the year in 2006.

Sean Lowry

Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing

Sean Lowry is the Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Lowry Solutions, a position he has held since 2014. Sean leads Lowry’s enterprise and internal sales efforts to the company’s thousands of clients as well as oversees the overall marketing strategy and brand integrity.

Mark Muehlenbeck

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Muehlenbeck was hired at Lowry Solutions as the CFO in 2007. Prior to joining the company, he had over twenty years of experience in cost control, strategic analysis & planning, financial team leadership, business integration, and corporate & public accounting experience, earning his CPA in Colorado.

Kathe Copeland

VP of Operations

Kathe Copeland is responsible for the overall management of Lowry Solutions’ operations. She has led the company to ISO 9001:2015 certification and oversees Lowry’s eCommerce sales and supplies as well as customer experience customization.

Partners That Trust Us

Lowry Solutions, Since 1974

Lowry Solutions is the total solutions provider of enterprise mobility solutions and AIDC technology for diverse application challenges in a wide range of industries.

Since 1974 we have evolved alongside our customers to provide the most complete and contemporary data collection solutions available.

We implement technology innovations nationwide, and with over 10,000 customers, we’ve earned a national reputation as a premier EMS provider and AIDC system integrator.

Our focus, and claim to fame, is giving our customers a competitive edge through barcode, RFID-EPC products, biometrics and asset management solutions.

Our four-step process is Discover, Plan, Implement and Achieve. 

We understand your business needs, create the solution, and follow the project to completion.

People at Lowry are #1

From employees and relationships to solutions and experience, Lowry Solutions is truly the one-stop resource for high-quality, best-in-class enterprise mobility solutions, service, and support.

Our Employees

Our employees are highly experienced, certified individuals continually trained on relevant technologies, solutions and standards.

Our Relationships

We have relationships with leading AIDC hardware manufacturers (e.g., Motorola, Intermec, Zebra) for the best equipment at a better price.

At Lowry Solutions we don’t push technology or brands, we encourage partnerships. Our success depends on how we enhance and improve our customers’ business. We understand that each enterprise has its own specific issues and requirements. Which is why in order to provide best-in-class AIDC solutions and address these issues, a deep understanding of our customers’ unique business processes is a necessity.

To us, success is rooted in our ability to enhance and grow our customers’ business. We do this with enterprise mobility solutions that provide:

Getting the Best at Lowry

Our experts tap into their vast experience and in-depth knowledge, putting into place a systematic approach to translate customers’ business needs into relevant solutions for a real return on investment.

Our Solutions

Customized for each client to ensure the greatest impact and ROI, we support our solutions with world-class, 24/7 service.

Our Experience

As an AIDC systems integrator for more than 40 years, we support companies and markets leveraging AIDC solutions for diverse applications.

Company Profile

Founded in 1974 as a data peripheral supplier, we emerged as a leading reseller of hardware, software and supplies in the barcode industry. Since then we’ve evolved to meet the needs and challenges of our clients.

Where We Are Now

Today, we’re a global systems integrator of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Blockchain, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcode solutions for supply chain applications.

Value To Our Clients

Lowry has been implementing real-time asset visibility solutions that simplify traceability and improve business outcomes through sustainable solutions.

Understanding Your Business

Each enterprise has its own specific issues and requirements, and to address these issues, a deep understanding of our client’s business processes is a necessity.

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