Warehouse and Distribution

Leverage Modern Barcode And Rfid Solutions

Lowry’s barcode and RFID inventory solutions for warehouse and distribution centers streamline materials management, improve operations, and increase profitability by replacing error prone and time-consuming paper processes and manual handling with automated, real-time data capture and high speed communication. We provide RFID distribution and warehouse solutions, handheld solutions for warehouse, cross docking solutions, and warehouse operations solutions.

Rfid Warehouse And Distribution Inventory Solutions

Lowry RFID warehouse/distribution inventory solutions combine RFID tags and readers, long-range mobile scanners, forklift mounted computers, and other best of breed technologies to enable real-time tracking of inventory, labor productivity, and delivery status.

Using RFID tags, electronic forms can be easily integrated with parts, components, completed products, or entire pallets or containers to automate materials tracking for efficient storage, quick retrieval, and continual accountability. Seamless integration with your existing warehouse management and ERP systems expands your insight into assets for increased control and more effective decision making.


Warehouse Solution: Handheld Computers

RFID handheld computers make quick work of inventorying, auditing, and locating parts, equipment, products, and other assets stored in the warehouse. As the nation’s premier RFID systems integrator, Lowry has hundreds of successful deployments and top-tier partnerships with the leading manufacturers of RFID technology to provide a complete warehouse solution. Lowry offers the experience and know-how to recommend, deliver, and deploy the right RFID handheld computer for your particular needs.

Distribution Solution: Cross Docking

Lowry cross docking distribution solutions keep shipments running smoothly. Lowry integrates RFID technologies from leading providers with off-the-shelf and custom software to provide distribution solutions that help you minimize shipment handling, reduce errors, and speed the flow of goods. Handheld or stationary RFID readers capture data in real-time allowing you to record the receipt, shipment, or location of tagged goods, identify discrepancies, shortages, or damages, streamline loading and unloading, save time, and reduce costs.

Operations: Warehouse Solutions

Modernize and transform your warehouse operations with an integrated inventory asset tracking solution from Lowry. Combining barcode and RFID data capture, high speed communication, and relational database software, the Lowry Warehouse Operations Solution improves the speed and accuracy of locating, retrieving, and accounting for everything moving into and out of even the largest warehouse facility.

Track shipments, update inventories, optimize turnover, and reduce duplicate ordering with always-accurate information on supplies on hand. Increase productivity by directing workers to the exact location where shipments are arriving, where off-loaded goods need to go, or where needed items can be found.

Lowry is your total barcode and RFID solutions provider for warehouse and distribution centers. Contact your Lowry sales representative to discuss inventory solutions that will optimize your warehouse operations and keep distribution running smoothly.


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