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Warehouse RFID System & Warehouse Barcode System

Enjoy uninterrupted distribution and satisfy customers with timely deliveries thanks to a modern barcode scanner system & warehouse RFID solution.

Enhance Inventory Management With Modern Warehouse RFID Solutions

Replace tedious paper processes and reduce human error with a cutting-edge barcode and RFID systems for warehouse management. 

Why choose Lowry Solutions for warehouse RFID & barcoding?

  • Reduce stockouts and overstocking with real-time insights into your stock levels
  • Ensure accurate data collection by reducing errors from manual record keeping
  • Easily identify demand trends with quick insights into which items are going fast
  • Increase on-time deliveries by spending less time searching for stock
  • Stay secure with a SOC2-certified RFID tracking solution

With over 40 years of industry experience, Lowry Solutions has a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.

Optimize your supply chain operations, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction with our comprehensive warehouse RFID technology and barcode scanning solution.

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See What Our Warehouse Barcode System & RFID Solution Can Do

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Improve Accuracy

Eliminate inventory errors and improve order accuracy with automated item tracking.

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Save Labor Costs

Reduce labor costs by letting your workers find more inventory in less time.

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Cross Docking

Minimize shipment handling and ensure the speedy flow of goods with RFID-enhanced cross-docking.

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Handheld Computers

Let any worker locate any inventory with ease using a user-friendly handheld RFID scanner.

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Asset Tracking

Increase inventory visibility and know exactly what’s coming in and out of your warehouse.

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Enhance Traceability

Track each product from point of entry to point of sale and quickly resolve any lost or damaged item issue.

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Speed Up Shipments

Streamline shipping and receiving by reducing the time it takes to locate and process incoming and outgoing shipments.

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Improve Security

Reduce the risk of inventory shrinkage by attaching a specific RFID tag to each item and protect customer data knowing Lowry follows SOC2 certified processes.

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Faster Responses

Respond to shipment issues fast by letting real-time RFID tracking let you know exactly where everything went and when it went there.

Leading Businesses Trust Our RFID & Warehouse Barcode System

Why Lowry Solutions Stands Out as a Warehouse RFID Solutions Provider


Companies Trust Lowry’s inventory solutions


Years of experience in delivering innovative technology solutions

20 Years

Years delivering top-notch RFID solutions

Do it Faster, Do it Better, Do More by Implementing RFID at Your Warehouse

Warehouse RFID System

Stay With One Solution As Your Warehouse Grows

Business growth is an exciting time. Yet, it leaves you with a lot to think about. You probably don’t have time to invest in a new system every time you expand.

Instead, opt for a scalable barcode & RFID warehouse solution. It’s easy to integrate it into your new WMS if necessary and you can adapt it to any size of inventory.

Choose a solution that scales to your inventory needs and take investing in a new system off your plate during busy times of growth.

Ensure Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Accurate picking and packing is essential in order fulfillment. Shipping errors lead to irate customers and can quickly cause lost revenue and inventory shrinkage.

Use RFID warehouse inventory management to reduce the risk of these errors. Barcode all inventory to make it easy for your workers to see which items belong with which orders.

Even if order fulfillment accuracy is not a problem, you can always benefit from a system that makes picking and packing that much faster.

Warehouse Barcode System

Barcode & RFID Integration Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Lowry’s warehouse RFID & barcode solution fits in seamlessly with your WMS or ERP.

RFID For Warehouse

Make More Informed Inventory Decisions

Your warehouse RFID system does more than track what’s on your shelf. It provides a wealth of data about inventory movement so you can easily identify supply chain trends.

You can analyze this data to make more informed inventory decisions. Get a deeper understanding of your demand and how long it takes certain shipments to arrive.

Not only will this information improve business decisions, you can also use it to track asset history from acquisition to disposal and reduce audit times.

Maintain Compliance and Reduce the Risk of Inventory Theft

Real-time inventory tracking will let you know immediately if anything moves unexpectedly. It will also let you track your inventory counts so you can verify that everything is accounted for.

This system thwarts potential thieves and alerts you whenever suspicious activity occurs. This makes it easy to track who was last in contact with the item for easier investigation.

Security doesn’t end at your inventory. You’re also responsible for customer addresses that need protection from hackers. Lowry’s RFID and barcoding system is SOC2-compliant so you can assure customer protection.

Warehouse RFID Solutions

How Our Clients Improved Operations With RFID in Their Warehouse

GM Direct Part Marking

North American Automotive Manufacturer trusts Lowry Solutions to increase the efficiency of their Direct Part Marking

City of Tyler IT Asset Auditing

Lowry implemented a solution for City of Tyler, TX using passive RFID tags and mobile computers powered by the Lowry Asset Control System (ACS).

Returnable Container Tracking For MOBIS

Using RFID technology, Lowry helped Mobis optimize its assets, ensure a reliable parts flow, reduce costs by matching container requirements with production, and reduce container purchases.

Warehouse RFID System & Barcoding FAQ

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. In warehousing, this technology is used to track and manage inventory.

RFID tags are attached to products and each contains unique identifiers that can be read by RFID readers.

This allows for accurate and efficient inventory tracking without the need for manual scanning or input.

A warehouse RFID system uses radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify and track inventory items, while a barcoding system uses optical technology to scan barcodes and decode information.

Some companies use one or the other, but most can benefit from a combination of both. Both systems improve inventory accuracy and visibility, but some items are more conducive to one over the other.

It’s best to combine both to account for all inventory situations.

It is possible to use a warehouse barcode system without RFID. However, incorporating RFID technology can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of inventory tracking.

That’s because RFID systems provide real-time visibility, eliminate the need for line-of-sight scanning, and offer the ability to read multiple items simultaneously.

We recommend both based upon particular use cases and product workflows.

With RFID, warehouse managers can easily locate inventory and reduce the time and cost associated with manual inventory tracking.

Additionally, RFID can provide data on shipments and delivery times, which helps identify bottlenecks so you can optimize your logistics.

Both features help you deliver products faster and ensure order accuracy.

The risks associated with using a warehouse RFID system are generally minimal and can be easily mitigated with proper planning and implementation.

Potential risks include lost or damaged RFID tags and possible security concerns (with a non-SOC2-compliant solution).

By selecting a reliable provider like Lowry Solutions, choosing durable tags, and implementing proper security measures, warehouse operators can enjoy RFID risk-free.