Manufacturing Solutions

RFID and Barcode Asset Tracking Systems

RFID And Barcode Solutions For Manufacturing

Lowry RFID and barcode solutions can help manufacturing and industrial enterprises do a better job of managing and tracking the lifecycle of mobile and fixed assets.

In addition to improving accountability and enhancing control, effective tracking for manufacturing promotes:

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RFID And Barcode Manufacturing Solutions Provide Effective Inventory Management For Automotive Manufacturers

Efficient manufacturing processes and effective inventory management are critical to successful automobile manufacturing. Lowry manufacturing solutions automate management of even the largest inventory, providing benefits at every step of the automotive manufacturing process from production to delivery.

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RFID And Barcode Technology For Manufacturing Improves End-of-line Production

Lowry Solutions, including 7iD Technologies, offers fully automated control of end-of-production line processes. Lowry’s accurate, error-free RFID manufacturing solutions increase the efficiency of handling, storage, warehousing, and shipment. Final quality inspections can be completed in less time, products can be accurately palletized and transferred to holding areas or directed to their correct delivery option — train, ship, truck — and its status and location can be determined at any time.

Supply Chain Solutions Benefit From Manufacturing Solutions

Lately, there has been a trend in manufacturing towards tighter supply chain integration. Lowry Solutions increases product and asset visibility to optimize supply chains from producer through distribution to retailer. Our RFID and barcode manufacturing solutions permit tagged or labeled products to be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain reducing shrinkage, confirming delivery, combating counterfeiting, and facilitating recall.

Lowry Supply Chain Solutions Benefit Manufacturing
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How Can Our RFID And Barcode Manufacturing Solutions Improve The Value Of Your Enterprise Assets?

Lowry enterprise solutions combine RFID technology, barcode label and printers, handheld and stationary readers and flexible relational database software to improve the tracking, control, accountability and value of an organization’s physical assets.

Whether you need to track and manage fixed, mobile, IT or creative assets, manufacturing components or finished products, a Lowry solution can deliver end-to-end efficiencies throughout your supply chain, from back-end systems to the retail shelf.

Yard Management: Prioritize Your Receiving And Cross-docking Activities With Optimized RFID And Barcode Manufacturing Solutions

Lowry Yard management solutions, incorporating Motorola® fixed and mobile RFID readers, can help you keep trucks and shipments moving efficiently into and out of the yard, monitor yard vehicles and drivers for improved safety and cost savings, and prioritize all of your receiving and cross-docking activities.

Our RFID and barcode manufacturing solutions include low-cost, no-maintenance passive RFID tags affixed to pallets, trailers, and containers that enable automatic and accurate tracking and accounting of assets moving into, out of and around the yard. Analyze captured data on asset movement and handling to optimize vehicle utilization, improve worker productivity and design your yard for maximum efficiency and throughput.

Paragon Labeling: Greater Efficiency For Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are under enormous pressure to do more with less while complying with lean manufacturing requirements. You are constantly trying to improve your efficiency without sacrificing the quality, processing or delivery of your products.

Lowry Solutions and our partner, Paragon Labeling Systems, understand these challenges and have a variety of solutions that can help improve your supply chain efficiency.