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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

For the nation’s healthcare providers, cost control and accountability are more important than ever.

Lowry has defined a versatile collection of healthcare solutions that combine RFID and barcode technologies with relational database software to track medical supplies and physical assets to improve inventory management, reduce procurement costs, and enhance the quality of care whether in the hospital, satellite clinic, physician’s office, or patient’s home.

What are the benefits of Lowry healthcare solutions?

  • Searchable assets
  • Track lifecycle of assets and medical equipment from acquisition to disposal
  • Optimized patient throughput
  • Real-time tracking of inventory
  • Mobile worker solutions

Our extensive healthcare solutions include: mobile worker solutions, distribution and delivery solutions, RFID solutions, asset tracking, and Paragon Labeling.

Lowry healthcare solutions
Lowry mobile worker solutions for the healthcare industry
Capture, Enter And Access Patient Information At The Point Of Care

Lowry mobile worker solutions for the healthcare industry help home healthcare providers serve more patients per shift, deliver better and more accurate service in every visit, and improve profitability and cost recovery with accurate, real-time record keeping.

Eliminate Errors, Reduce Paperwork, And Speed Insurance Reimbursement

Our mobile worker solutions enable physicians, nurses and other caregivers who spend their days away from a desk to capture, enter and access patient information where it is generated and needed most, at the point of care. This value-added feature eliminates errors and reduces paperwork.

Distribution And Delivery Healthcare Solutions

Whatever healthcare products you distribute and deliver, Lowry Solutions can track each delivery start-to-finish helping you optimize loads and routes, reduce shipping errors, improve customer service and cut back on operating costs.

Our distribution and delivery solutions combine RFID tags and readers, long-range mobile scanners, forklift-mounted computers, and other best of breed technologies to enable real-time tracking of inventory, labor productivity, and delivery status.

In the warehouse, real-time electronic forms integrate with RFID-tagged products, cartons, or entire pallets or containers to enable efficient storage, quick retrieval, and continual accountability.

Distribution And Delivery Healthcare Solutions
RFID-based Healthcare Solutions
RFID-based Healthcare Solutions

From admitting to discharge and at every point of delivering care in between, Lowry RFID solutions help healthcare providers track, manage, and make the most effective use of medical equipment, supplies, and resources. With accurate, real-time inventory visibility your staff knows whether needed beds, diagnostic tools, or devices are on hand—and where to find them. The less time workers spend looking for supplies, the more time they have for serving patients.

Asset Tracking

Lowry asset tracking solutions help healthcare providers contain costs, streamline management, and maximize the value of all the assets involved in the delivery of care. Whatever their role, team members can benefit from the real-time visibility provided by Lowry asset tracking.

Caregivers and medical support staff can quickly locate equipment they need thanks to RFID readers used in asset tracking. Equipment or facilities managers can complete audits or inventories in just hours instead of days or weeks. Financial officers can track the complete life cycle of any asset from acquisition to disposal.

With Lowry asset tracking solutions procurement staff will know exactly what is owned and on hand so they can buy at the most economical prices and avoid costly duplicate purchases. Our asset tracking solutions can track and manage IT assets for more effective visibility, control, and accountability. Data collected with RFID helps providers monitor and improve regulatory compliance.

Lowry asset tracking solutions for healthcare

Cost control and accountability are essential in the healthcare industry. Contact your Lowry sales representative to learn how our healthcare solutions can facilitate healthcare workers in tracking assets, managing inventory, and improving overall production efficiencies.


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