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The Zebra TC8000: Intuitive Touchscreen and Virtual Keyboard Deliver Greater Speed & Accuracy

The latest technological advancements in consumer technology always seem to beg the question: What can we do next? But the Zebra TC8000 asks: Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

To bring mobile computers into the 21st century, Zebra applied their All-touch TE software to the TC8000, allowing you and your workers to interact with the touchscreen interface much like you would a common smartphone.

Plus, they’ve added a virtual keyboard — and it’s customizable too. Gone are the days of Function keys and fat-fingering. Your workers can type more speedily and accurately on a digital keyboard programmed to meet specific application needs.

Transform the user experience with All-touch TE software

The TC8000 features exclusive breakthrough technology for mobile devices: All-touch TE software. This software automatically converts the traditional mobile computer “green screen” into a modern, graphics-based interface. Workers interact with the screen as they would with their own smartphones — that’s how easy it is.

But just because a graphical screen shows up instead of the green screen, doesn’t mean that the green screen is gone forever. At the push of a button, users can return back to the traditional interface if they so wish.

So what does this intuitive, user-friendly interface offer that the green screen can’t?

  • Reduced training time, especially for Millennial workers accustomed to graphical screens
  • Customizable keyboard, which is context-aware for specific application use
  • Less input time with the keyboard, which increases efficiency

Additionally, All-touch TE is ready for use almost as soon as you take the Zebra TC8000 out of its box, reducing most of the downtime typically wasted in programming the device. The software can be programmed either by your own company’s IT team or by the reseller’s professional services team.

Enjoy greater speed and accuracy with a virtual keyboardZebra TC8000 Virtual Keyboard

The keyboard that shows up on the TC8000 screen is virtual, much like you would find on any smartphone. However, the functionality of an All-touch TE keyboard is exponentially larger because it can be programmed to meet your specific business and application requirements.

There’s essentially no limit to the ways that you can program this keyboard. You can define the various entry fields to expect numbers and/or letters, or only specific characters. You can even make it multi-lingual. Depending on the application, the appropriate keyboard will pop up. Again, this is something that either your internal IT team or your reseller’s team can do.

For example — if there’s an application that requires only a yes or a no for an entry field, the keyboard can be programmed to show only a yes and no button. No need for Function keys here.

Because the Zebra TC8000 shows only the keys that are necessary for the task at hand, errors are reduced by up to 60%, and worker speed increases by up to 40%.

Ensure a precise and user-friendly experience

With a modern, graphical interface and a customizable keyboard, the Zebra TC8000 makes your workers’ tasks easier to complete. By eliminating downtime from typos and multi-step input, each warehouse application is streamlined — a huge contribution to the overall 14% productivity increase.

But these aren’t the only features that make your workforce so much more efficient. See how the revolutionary screen angle and powerful hot swap batteries make the TC8000 a pioneer in mobile computing.

Want more information on how the Zebra TC8000 mobile computer can meet your needs? Contact a Lowry Solutions representative today.

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