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The Zebra TC8000: Powerful Hot Swap Batteries = All-Day Productivity

Take a moment to picture your warehouse. Imagine what it would be like if your workers could maintain uninterrupted productivity. Is it even possible?

A completely disruption-free workday may not be totally realistic, but if your workers are using mobile devices with hot swap batteries, they can get pretty close.

Enter the Zebra TC8000. This mobile computer features best-in-class hot swap batteries for continual productivity — resulting in almost zero lost sessions. And with PowerPrecision+ diagnostics technology, you’re never caught unawares when batteries need replacing.

Take advantage of every second with industry-leading hot swap batteries




To ensure that your workers are equipped with the best mobile computer on the market, the Zebra TC8000 features the largest, most powerful battery in its class. At 6700 mAH, it can last for over three shifts while performing five scans per minute. Plus, power-saving features in the hardware and software help extend the length of use before the battery needs to be changed.

A key element of these Li-Ion batteries is their hot swap feature, which allows workers to quickly change out a dying battery for a full one.

Inside the TC8000 is a super capacitor, which stores enough power to maintain a WiFi connection to the host computer for 30 seconds. By quickly swapping out the battery, workers will preserve their session so that they don’t lose any of their work.

For example, if you have a worker in the middle of a picking application who begins to run out of battery, they don’t need to power down the device or worry about losing their session. They simply need to pop out the dying battery and slide in a fully charged one — and it’s back to work.

Know your batteries inside and out with PowerPrecision+ technology

To help you monitor battery health, the batteries come with PowerPrecision+ technology. This diagnostics tool provides battery-life metrics so you know in advance when batteries need to be replaced.

You can set your own threshold for capacity so that PowerPrecision+ alerts you when batteries reach your customized standard for “bad” health. This way, you can buy new batteries when you know you need them, rather than guessing when it’s time for a new order — or even worse, when you realize on the warehouse floor that half your batteries don’t work anymore.

Plus, users can view battery management either with the TC8000 or with a remote mobile device management software, so this critical information is easy to access in multiple ways.

Charging downtime is a thing of the past

With hot swap batteries in hand, there’s no reason to worry about lost time because of dead batteries. By eliminating such a common workplace time-waster, your workers can experience shift after shift of continual productivity. And with PowerPrecision+ technology, you get on-demand visibility into your battery-life metrics.

That’s not all though. To see what other features make the TC8000 the industry leader in mobile computing, check out our posts on its breakthrough screen angle and virtual keyboard. There’s a reason this device can increase your overall productivity by 14%.

Want to learn more about how the Zebra TC8000 mobile computer can help your warehouse? Contact a Lowry Solutions representative today.

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