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The Zebra TC8000: Benefits of the Revolutionary Screen Angle

Mobile computer technology in the past 20 years hasn’t allowed for many significant boosts in productivity. So how did Zebra do it? Maybe they had to look at the problem from a different angle.

When you’re trying to address problems like worker fatigue and scanning time, you have to face technology challenges straight on.

The result is the Zebra TC8000 — a mobile computer that boosts warehouse productivity by 14% on average. How does it do this? A large part of it is the revolutionary screen angle — simply a hardware redesign.

Eliminate tilt-and-verify for an extra hour per worker

The Zebra TC8000 offers a unique screen angle that faces the user — a design revolution that you’ll find nowhere else. As a result, the entire device is more streamlined and lightweight. It lacks the bulky keyboard of traditional mobile computers, making it up to 33% lighter. Less weight equals less fatigue equals more productivity.

This forward-facing screen also means that your workers don’t have to tilt the mobile computer to verify the information they’ve just scanned. With this device, each worker expends less energy to do their job — in total a 15% reduction in muscle effort per person.

Additionally, Zebra identified that just wrist motions alone from tilting traditional mobile computers could waste up to an hour per worker each day. Using picking as an example, let’s see how Zebra’s math breaks down:

  • 1 tilt-and-verify motion = 1.25 seconds
  • 3 motions per pick = 3.75 seconds per pick
  • 120 picks per hour = 450 wasted seconds per hour
  • 8 hours per shift = 3600 wasted seconds per shift

Do you have 10 workers? Just today, you’re going to lose 10 hours of work. This week alone, that’s 50 hours of work that hasn’t been done. If you manage a warehouse with 50 workers, that’s 50 hours a day and 500 each week.

This is why you need the TC8000.

Increase efficiency and accuracy with SimulScan technology

Lowry Solutions presents the Zebra TC8000 screen angleTo make the new screen angle even more effective, the Zebra TC8000 features SimulScan technology, which makes your workers’ jobs even simpler by capturing several fields of data at once. Multiple barcodes, text fields, check boxes, and signatures can all be captured in one single scan.

Additionally, SimulScan technology comes with a wide variety of features that can assess and fix images if they are hard to read. The image may be dim, or have too high a resolution, or the document that was captured may have been very small.

SimulScan has automatic detection features that will help fix the image so that none of your workers have to attempt to read an unreadable document. As a result, the entire data collection process is streamlined, with more worker productivity, operational efficiency, and overall accuracy.

Enjoy industry-leading innovation

When you combine the breakthrough hardware design with the data capture abilities of SimulScan technology, you can see how the Zebra TC8000 delivers an unprecedented increase in productivity. There’s no other device on the market that will reduce effort and time like the TC8000.

But what else contributes to the overall 14% productivity increase? See how the user-friendly virtual keyboard and powerful hot swap batteries improve efficiency to deliver the single most innovative mobile computer in the industry.

Want more information on how the Zebra TC8000 mobile computer can meet your needs? Contact a Lowry Solutions representative today.

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