3 Key Considerations When Planning a Rugged Tablet Deployment

Because of the increasing popularity of consumer-grade tablets, many organizations are looking for ways in which they can implement this type of technology in a business setting.   Although consumer-grade tablets such as the iPad® are appealingly lightweight and sleek looking, many businesses, especially those in harsh environments like supply chain operations, need a rugged tablet, which […]

10 Ways Businesses Benefit From Windows-Based Mobile Devices

Over the past couple of years, mobile devices have infiltrated the enterprise market.  And this percentage of market share is expected to grow exponentially in the near future. In fact, Forrester research estimates that tablet sales will exceed 375 Million by the year 2016. Although the advantages of mobile devices are clear to the market, […]

Using Consumer vs. Rugged Tablets in Your Warehouse

Recent advances in technology have allowed businesses to instantaneously receive, interpret, and distribute information. The desire to be more productive and competitive has resulted in the widespread use of mobile devices, specifically tablets, in the workplace. As with any other form of technology, there are a wide variety of tablets to choose from. Businesses looking […]

4 Tips to Make Your Mobile Workers More Efficient

At any time of the day, the mobile workforce is everywhere — they’re making a delivery, on a house call for a technical repair, or giving medical care at the home of a housebound patient. In most industries, mobility is rapidly evolving, and mobile employees are becoming more influential as the key customer-facing representative for […]

Lowry Tech Summit 2013

Tablets are a growing trend in the enterprise mobility space.  As we are closing out 2013, and getting ready to launch 2014, many organizations are looking at ways to improve their infrastructures.   One type of technology that organizations are actively looking at is tablets.  Whether an organization is looking at implementing a rugged or consumer […]

Tablets are transforming the construction industry; consider these key factors

Tablets in the Construction Industry A growing trend in the construction industry is implementing tablets to improve workflows and efficiencies. Although when most people think of tablets, they automatically refer back to commercialized products such as the iPad of Microsoft surface, many other factors need to be considered when members of this industry are looking […]

What’s the hype around Windows 8 RT

In the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of media surrounding many consumer tablet companies forgoing their original plans to produce Windows RT tablets, and focus on their android offerings.  Their reasoning ranges from the limitations of Windows Applications as well as user adoption rates to Windows RT.  More so, there have […]

3 Reasons a Rugged Mobile Computing Solution is the Better Choice

Most of us don’t have much trouble understanding the value of rugged mobile solutions in extreme environments — like mining or oil & gas. But many of us don’t immediately recognize the reasons for a rugged mobile computing solution in less extreme environments — like general field service, healthcare, and retail. Here are three reasons […]