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What’s the hype around Windows 8 RT

In the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of media surrounding many consumer tablet companies forgoing their original plans to produce Windows RT tablets, and focus on their android offerings.  Their reasoning ranges from the limitations of Windows Applications as well as user adoption rates to Windows RT.  More so, there have been a variety of user experience problems associated with Windows 8 RT, which has slowed down the adoption rate.


Even though I think there are some great business reasons for users to purchase Windows RT tablets, they are not necessary to fulfill the needs of a standard consumer looking to utilize their tablet outside of the business world.  Most consumer tablet users are using tablets to view websites, videos and use applications.  The general consumer does not have needs such as connection with their outlook accounts on their personal tablets as opposed to utilizing the email functions on iOs and/or Android tablets.

On the contrary, if an individual is looking to utilize a tablet for business as a computer replacement, they require higher processors, security, and operating systems.  These users are tending to look at more of the semi-rugged Windows 8 Professional tablets their business.  Windows 8 Professional has more features that people are used to using in the business world.

It will be interesting to see how the evident problems of Windows 8 are fixed in the upcoming release of Windows 8 RT.  Hopefully for Windows sake, the changes will cause increases in the user adoption rates of Windows RT tablets such as the Microsoft Surface.

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