Lowry Tech Summit 2013

Tablets are a growing trend in the enterprise mobility space.  As we are closing out 2013, and getting ready to launch 2014, many organizations are looking at ways to improve their infrastructures.   One type of technology that organizations are actively looking at is tablets.  Whether an organization is looking at implementing a rugged or consumer grade solution, there are many key considerations that they must make.

Recently, our technology partner, Motion Computing, published 5 key factors for a successful tablet deployment.  The factors they suggest are as follows:

1.     Change Your Mindset

2.    Perform a Comprehensive Workflow Analysis.

3.     Execute a Pilot Deployment

4.     Develop a Deployment Strategy

5.     Conduct a Post Deployment Evaluation & Modification

As an enterprise mobility systems integrator, Lowry feels it is important to educate our customer base in regards to the latest trends in our industry.   Please join Lowry Computer Products, Motion Computing, and Zebra Technologies on Thursday November 7th @ 11 AM for a presentation on the latest trends in enterprise mobility.  These trends include: tablet based workflows, enterprise mobility, as well as many other topics.  To learn more about this event, please visit: Technology Summit Sign Up