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What Is SOTI MobiControl?

Mobile technology is an essential tool for the majority of employers and employees in the US. In 2022, 75% of American workers used a mobile device for work purposes. As the use of smartphones, tablets and other IoT devices in the workplace continues to increase, the need for businesses to manage their mobile solutions with efficiency is critical.

Without a dedicated mobile management solution guiding your company’s mobile device fleet, companies run the risk of exposure to security risks, costly data collection errors, and inefficient device usage.

SOTI MobiControl: An Elegant Enterprise Mobile Management Solution

This is where an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, such as SOTI MobiControl, can help. An EMM gives businesses the ability to oversee and manage their business-critical mobile devices, such as:

  • Track company devices in real-time
  • Manage mobile software updates remotely
  • Customize critical security features
  • Fix mobile device problems remotely
  • Remotely wipe lost or stolen devices

SOTI MobiControl is used by enterprises across the globe to manage complex business mobility needs. It securely manages devices and endpoints and can be used to control all aspects of an organization’s mobility system.

Operating systems compatible with SOTI MobiControl include:

  • Android enterprise
  • Android Plus  (Android 4.2 or later)
  • Windows mobile CE devices
  • Desktop devices running Windows
  • Windows Modern
  • Apple
  • Linux
  • Zebra wireless printers

Easily Secure Your Mobile-Driven Enterprise With SOTI Mobicontrol

Enterprise-level device management is increasing in complexity and risk level. The lines between personal and professional use of mobile devices are easily blurred, possibly impacting efficiency and productivity levels.

More concerning, however, is mobile devices are a common entryway for cybercriminals.

Stop wasting time walking to workstations and go mobile. Learn more about enterprise mobile solutions in our blog:

A study in 2014 of data breaches in the healthcare industry revealed that 68 percent of security breaches were due to the loss or theft of mobile devices or files.

How a business chooses to manage its mobile technology greatly impacts how vulnerable they are to security risks.

SOTI MobiControl and Digital Asset Protection

SOTI MobiControl is equipped with security functions to help keep your company safe from cybercriminals. These features can include device deactivation, file lockdowns, geofencing, use only on protected networks and even remote device wiping.

Security features can be customized to suit a company’s fleet of mobile devices or a BYOD program.

With SOTI MobiControl, if suspicious activity is detected on any enrolled mobile device that communicates with the SOBI MobiControl deployment server, program administrators will be notified and can take the necessary action to assess and mitigate the threat.

9 More Reasons to Entrust Your Mobile Management Needs to SOTI MobiControl

  • Easily track device locations. Eliminate time and money spent locating and replacing lost or stolen devices. Maintain control over devices with customizable geofence settings.
  • Monitor device health. SOTI MobiControl console lets you monitor the health and maintenance needs of your company’s devices and perform device management tasks remotely. This helps to reduce operational interruptions caused by faulty equipment.
  • Use any type of operating system. SOTI MobiControl runs on iOS, Windows, Linux, and android devices.
  • Monitor device performance. Stay informed of when, where and how your fleet devices are being used. With SOTI MobiControl, you can choose from a wide range of active and passive monitoring options.
  • Customize reports. The easy-to-use SOTI MobiControl console provides extensive options to curate and customize system reports.

SOTI MobiControl

  • Choose from On-premise or SaaS solution. SOTI MobiCloud allows you to choose from cloud-based service options or an on-premise SaaS solution.
  • Execute fleetwide app updates remotely. Updating your business-critical apps is easier than ever with SOTI MobiControl’s remote deployment options.
  • Customize and manage device configurations. Set up your mobile systems capabilities and functionalities exactly the way you need to maximize efficiency, productivity and customer relations.
  • Enhanced mobile security. SOTI MobiControl can lock down mobile devices, apps and content preventing unauthorized access to your company systems and data while maintaining regulatory compliance.

SOTI MobiControl Integration and Installation: An Easy Experience

New digital transformations and integrations can be intensive, requiring thoughtful considerations and detailed planning. Lowry Solutions are expert at providing customers with SOTI MobiControl implementation experiences that are both frictionless and easy.

Our team is able to assess your company’s mobile device management needs and create a plan that will work best for you and your employees.

How long does it take to implement SOTI MobiControl?

The initial setup and implementation of SOTI MobiControl can vary, as it depends on your deployment settings and integrating SOTI MobiControl environmental needs. These include factors such as database, deployment server and configuration needs.

For an accurate installation time estimate, it’s best to speak to a certified SOTI MobiControl vendor.

Liberate Your Workforce From Distant Workstations

Protect them from theft with device tracking from Lowry Solutions

At Lowry Solutions, we provide enterprises with customized mobile device deployment, management and service solutions.

To speak to our SOTI MobiControl experts, click here.

How to enroll a device in SOTI MobiControl?

Once a SOTI MobiControl system is established, enrolling a new device into the system is easy. Anyone with administrator access can add or remove a mobile device remotely on their own or with the help of the program’s tutorials.

SOTI MobiControl Tutorials

SOTI MobiControl tutorials are extensive and provide detailed instructions on enrolling devices, information about how to set rules for each device, and other essential tasks within the SOTI MobiControl package studio.

SOTI MobiControl’s easy-to-follow tutorials are one of the many features that sets this EMM solution apart from others. Other fan-favorite components of SOTI MobiControl include:

  • SOTI MobiControl cloud link agent that integrates the EMM to other key integrations in the SOTI cloud family.
  • 30-day free trial for cloud and on-premise versions.
  • Easy to use management user interface.

Leverage SOTI Mobicontrol with Lowry Solutions

We have an experienced team of certified technicians who are up-to-date on the latest EMM technologies. In addition, our 24/7 support service can provide you with the expertise and assistance you need to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Lowry Solutions goes beyond just providing SOTI MobiControl installation and implementation services—we also provide consulting solutions tailored to your specific needs, helping you maximize your EMM’s potential for success. Contact us today to get started on taking your enterprise mobility management to the next level.

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