SOTI & Android: A Partnership Made to Drive Success

Because of its ability to offer the amount of control and security that industry leaders desire for their preferred devices, Android is quickly becoming the preferred operating system (OS) up-and-down the supply chain.


With its industry-leading Android management features, the tried-and-true mobility management solution SOTI MobiControl ensures that Android devices are protected, controlled, and maintained. Any OS version on your Zebra handheld devices can enjoy this best-in-class support at anytime and anywhere.


Simple Business Mobility

The SOTI ONE Platform seamlessly combines all of your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) requirements into a single, user-friendly platform. The expense, difficulty, and downtime associated with business-critical mobility can all be mitigated. Devices ranging from barcode scanners to Zebras industry leading barcode printers can all be managed and optimized from this single hub.


The SOTI ONE Platform, comprising six distinctive and ground-breaking components, eliminates single-function platforms to provide a unified tool that makes it easier to quickly integrate apps, decreases downtime, and manages all mobile and IoT devices in one location.


Seamless Integration with SOTI ONE

The SOTI ONE Platform gives you the ability to:

  • Integrate with SOTI XSight to enable the quick resolution of app and mobile device issues
  • Enhance your SOTI Snap-created bespoke apps with remote support features
  • Use SOTI Central to communicate with a community of product experts, partners, and customers to find solutions to all of your product-related questions
  • Create and monitor support desk tickets from your IoT devices directly from SOTI Connect.


Optimize and Expand with Android Plus

Whether utilizing the new Android Enterprise framework or the celebrated Device Admin framework, Android Plus serves as SOTI’s all-inclusive management solution for the Android OS. Android Plus has developed into a combination of Android Enterprise, OEM-specific features, and SOTI’s proprietary technologies.


By giving users access to additional functionality that was previously impossible, with SOTI users can now utilize:

  • Fast remote control to swiftly investigate and address device and app issues.
  • Lockdown/Kiosk Mode, which limits the use of the device to business-critical applications and features.
  • Create scripts with conditional statements, loops, functions, and variables using JavaScript and its basic capabilities to manage Android Plus devices.


SOTI Solutions for Sustained Growth

If you are ready to learn how SOTI can be the solution that addresses the challenges of today and the future, start your discovery process by contact us online today or giving us a call at +1 (833) 710-0307, to begin experiencing the Lowry difference.