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SOTI & Android – Ready to Power Your Future With Lowry

Do you know about the new software that allows easy Android Deployment, guarantees security, privacy, AND manages both apps and content? Lowry would like to introduce SOTI MobiControl, a validated Zebra Solution.

The unique feature upgrades within Android administration delivered by SOTI’s own Android Plus technology complement the platform’s core functionality. Whether using the new Android Enterprise framework or the traditional Device Admin framework, Android Plus serves as SOTI’s all-inclusive management solution for the Android operating system. With time, Android Plus has developed into a combination of Android Enterprise, OEM-specific features, and SOTI’s proprietary technology.

Taking Enterprise to a New Level


With Android Enterprise, enterprise IT can manage Android devices from all manufacturers with greater consistency.  Lowry will show you how you can provide enhanced support for Android devices of all deployment types when used in conjunction with SOTI MobiControl, including:

  • Completely manage devices
  • Devices managed just for work
  • Specialized equipment
  • Personal computing tools


Security and Management Paired Seamlessly


Having Lowry deploy SOTI ensures your Android devices operate with the highest level of security. Just establish device integrity prior to enrollment using SafetyNet Attestation, and you’ll receive immediate alerts if the device is compromised. In addition, it allows you to enforce strong passwords and data encryption, manage certificates, and prevent data leakages from corporate apps. Still worried about security?  No worries because once Lowry deploys SOTI, it can automatically scan for viruses/malware with antivirus powered by BitDefender. Other ways to make your job easier?  Use the features that allow limiting devices to a single app or suite of apps using kiosk mode/lockdown, as well as creating work profiles to keep personal and corporate apps, accounts, and other data separate.

Note again that security does not come at the cost of ease of use. With SOTI, you can securely deploy enterprise apps using a private app catalog and keep business and personal apps separate, with the curated enterprise app store on Google Play. Great features don’t stop there – you can also control access to and modify corporate files and documents with the secure content editor SOTI Hub. Plus, Lowry will show you how to make sure only authorized users have access by enforcing web access regulations using the secure browser SOTI Surf.

SOTI is Zebra Solution Validated


SOTI MobiControl is Zebra Solution Validated.  Why is this important?  It assures that the Zebra equipment you get from Lowry works as it should in conjunction with SOTI.  With Zebra Solution Validation, customers get total peace of mind knowing that:

  • SOTI MobiControl will work alongside their Zebra deployments
  • There’s no risk of disruption to business-critical workflows
  • Deployment costs are controlled


Utilizing Android Devices Better Than Ever


Start your discovery process by getting in touch with  Lowry online or giving Lowry a call at (833) 710-0307.  Get ready to see how Lowry + SOTI can be the answer to your Android challenges, both now and in the future. Learn how SOTI and Android are a best-in-class partnership for any OS version and any device maker, anytime, anywhere.

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