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Taking Mobile Workflows to the Next Level with Mobile Printers

Many businesses have mobilized their work forces and created automated workflows with mobile computers. But if you want to take productivity and efficiency to the next level, mobile printers are, logically, the next step.

Mobile printers offer a way to bring label, tag, and receipt printing to virtually any location inside or outside the four walls. Workers can print in a warehouse aisle, on a forklift, in a delivery vehicle, or even at a customer’s door. It’s all easily achieved by taking the printer anywhere or having workers “wear” one by attaching it to a shoulder or belt strap.

This means there’s no longer a need to pre-print a batch of barcode labels or go back and forth between warehouse aisles and a stationary printer. It also means you can eliminate errors that easily occur when trying to match batch-printed labels with corresponding products or when there are delays between printing a label and applying it.

Printing at the point of label application simplifies and shortens the entire process and eliminates extra steps. Workers can pick, pack, ship, and deliver products faster and more accurately and efficiently, which results in better overall fulfillment.

Additionally, when using mobile printers outside the four walls, drivers can print invoices and receipts on the go—inside a vehicle or even at a customer’s doorstep or loading dock.

Best of all, you can integrate your mobile printers with the rest of your industrial or desktop printers, so the same labeling functionality and processes are available from any stationary or mobile printer.

All you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for your mobile printers, which can be paired easily with companion mobile computers.

For the best results and unparalleled options, performance, and durability, our team at Lowry Solutions recommends using Zebra mobile printers paired with Zebra mobile computers and stationary printers.

Why Zebra for Mobile Printing?

Zebra has long been the leader in label and receipt printing and has taken mobile print capabilities even further with its latestZebra Mobile Printing from Lowry Solutions ZQ600 mobile printer. Here’s a quick breakdown of its enterprise advantages.

  • The ZQ600 model features a large color display and easy-to-use buttons, so it’s easy to operate your mobile printer and see the status of every print job.
  • The printer is lightweight and wearable, with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to wear for an entire shift. Its seamless, one-piece design also features a tempered glass display and high-grade resin for high-impact concrete drop resistance and IP43 dust and water resistance.
  • Powered by Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology, the ZQ600 provides full-shift printing power. The device also automatically enters sleep mode when idle and automatically wakes up as soon as a print job is sent to it.
  • In addition, whether you’re using its 802.11ac Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.1 Classic or Low Energy connectivity, you can count on blazing fast and secure connections to match the ZQ600’s fast and dependable printing capabilities.
  • On top of all this, Zebra’s ZQ600 mobile printer offers 256 MB or 512 MB of Flash memory to support all the graphics and fonts you use. And you can easily configure, manage, and troubleshoot an entire fleet of Zebra printers remotely by using its Link-OS™ operating system and Print DNA tools.

With additional accessories including cradles, battery chargers, and carrying straps and cases, it’s easy to get started and create a complete mobile printing solution for any process in your plant, warehouse, and beyond.

To learn more about mobile printing and get a personalized recommendation for your business, contact our team at Lowry Solutions at 1-800-242-7272 or email us now.



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