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Three Reasons a Zebra Certified Refurbished Product Can Do Something for You Now

Whether you’re waiting for a new generation of Zebra devices to be released, or you just can’t
spring for a technology refresh right now, Zebra has an opportunity you need to know about: the
Zebra Certified Refurbished Program. If you missed our overview of the program or our post
with details about the program , take a minute to read those first.

So, now that you know what the program is all about, what makes it a good fit for YOU right
now? 2020 hasn’t exactly been what anyone expected. And, that probably puts you in a different
position with technology investments than you planned. Zebra’s refurbishment program can help
you today! Here are three reasons to consider these solutions for your business:

1) Budget Friendly
Instead of springing for a whole technology refresh just to address a smaller, more
immediate need, you can purchase the refurbished devices today at a lower rate. This is
easier on your cash flow in a time of crisis, allows you to stay on track with your next
planned systemwide technology upgrade, and keep the best devices possible in the
hands of your workforce.

2) Continuity of Business
The current global pandemic has many businesses’ making tough decisions quickly just
to keep doors open. If you have to have equipment NOW in order to take advantage of
opportunities and scale based on demand, you don’t have time to fully evaluate new
solutions. Instead of responding to the current crisis with knee-jerk expenditures that will
create challenges later on, refurbished equipment allows you to get the devices you
already know when you need them, and at a cost that doesn’t leave as big of an impact
on your long-term IT budget as other alternatives might.

3) Peace of Mind
Because the Zebra Certified Refurbishment Program is an official part of Zebra’s
ecosystem, you can feel confident that the devices you are getting will perform at the
standards you expect from Zebra. Only Zebra technicians could test and re-deploy
devices with the level of care and attention to detail this program offers. That means
you’ll sleep better at night knowing you got the best product available for your business,
and that’s a good investment in these times.

When it comes to end-to-end solutions, Lowry Solutions has always put in the effort to deliver
efficient strategies that give you a faster return of investment. We’re used to demanding
environments and are confident that we can help you solve whatever challenges your business
is facing in these unprecedented times.

If you’re interested in how to add Zebra refurbished products to your workflow, contact Lowry
Solutions, and let’s get through this together.

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