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Five Facts You Need to Know about Zebra Refurbished Products

It’s likely your 2020 plans aren’t going quite as you expected. But innovation thrives in times of
difficulty, and we hope our support can help see you through these tough days! One opportunity
that might offer immediate benefits is the Zebra Certified Refurbished program. If you missed
our overview of the program, read it here.

So, if you’re interested in taking advantage of Zebra’s 100% tested refurbished products, what
do you need to know?

Zebra’s standards for Certified Refurbished are high
As Zebra reclaims devices that are retired from the marketplace, they are either recycled or
refurbished. Each device selected for the point-to-point refurbishment program must meet
rigorous standards. For you, this means you can trust the device to be as close to new as
possible and up to the same level of performance you expect from every Zebra device.

First, they must be free of clearly visible cosmetic damage. Then, they receive a new battery
and undergo a 24-point inspection to ensure everything from technical functionality to little
details like backlight brightness, cradle power and charging, and even operating system
factory-reset confirmation. These are fully tested, fully functional, like-new devices.

These devices include a 90-day warranty
Because you want to keep your devices in the hands of your workforce, it’s essential to know
that you can trust these devices. As a Zebra Certified Refurbished device, you get the
immediate benefit of a 90-day warranty to protect your investment.

You can add Zebra OneCare services for up to two years
Zebra Certified Refurbished products are eligible for either a 1-year or 2-year Zebra OneCare
agreement. This easy upgrade provides you access to 8×5 live-agent technical support, 24/7
online self-service support, and 3-day repair turnaround times. Plus, you will get help for
operating system updates and patches.

The current inventory includes specific product families
Right now, the Zebra Certified Refurbished Device program covers four specific product families
that have been discontinued or are nearing EOL:

  • MC31 Mobile Computers
  • MC32 Mobile Computers
  • MC91 Mobile Computers
  • MC 92 Mobile Computers

But, Lowry can help with any other Zebra products not on that list!
If you need to replace or expand on your existing Zebra products today, but you need solutions
other than the four families of mobile computers listed above, call us! Lowry Solutions will work
with our Zebra Device Specialists to do everything we can to track down exactly what you need.
If it’s in their inventory and we can get it refurbished, we will!

Lowry Solutions spares no effort in bringing you end-to-end solutions that meet your
expectations. These refurbished devices are no exception. They’ll boost your ROI, keep devices
in your workforce’s hands, and help you achieve your business goals today.

If you’re interested in how to add Zebra refurbished products to your workflow, contact Lowry
Solutions, and let’s get through this together.

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