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Why do refurbished Zebra products make EVEN MORE sense right now?

Every year, more than 1 million Zebra technology products are retired. As a technology manufacturer committed to their corporate responsibility, that’s a number that can have a tremendous impact on the environment.

Studies show that the impact of the non-recycled end of life mobile devices around the world will soon produce a more significant carbon footprint than that of all desktops, laptops, and displays.1

So, Zebra has launched the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Device program to help counter this
escalating problem. Of those million-plus devices that are retired, the ones that can be refurbished appropriately to meet Zebra’s standards will re-enter the marketplace rather than the landfill. And those devices that can’t be restored to meet standards will be recycled instead.

If you’re in-between technology upgrades, you can still replace/upgrade your devices at a lower cost. Because Zebra’s technicians refurbish them, you can believe that these devices are 100% tested, 100% certified, and 100% quality guaranteed by Zebra.

For most of you, 2020 is probably not going as expected. We’re all still discovering the economic effects of this global pandemic together, and likely will be for some time. Zebra’s refurbished device program may provide just the bridge you need to get from where you are today to a better place tomorrow.

At Lowry Solutions, we understand the pressures you’re facing every day to keep your doors open, to keep your employees safe, and to keep your business viable for the future. We believe that Zebra’s Certified Refurbished Mobile Device program offers you alternatives you can trust.

If you’re interested in how to add Zebra refurbished products to your workflow, contact Lowry Solutions, and let’s get through this together.


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