Here’s Proof You Should Never Underestimate Your Capabilities – or Technology

Partner Blog by Matt Petito / Zebra WE KNEW THE ZEBRA 3600 SERIES ULTRA-RUGGED SCANNERS WERE TOUGH. BUT WE FOUND OUT THEIR TOLERANCE FOR DROPS, TUMBLES, WATER, AND DUST IS EVEN HIGHER THAN WE THOUGHT. Everything has its limits. However, we must be careful not to limit our expectations – especially when it comes to technology. […]

What Healthcare Solutions Does Lowry Offer?

Our healthcare solutions For the nation’s healthcare providers, cost control and accountability are more important than ever. Medical supplies and resources used in patient care must be accurately tracked and correctly billed. Medications, in particular, must be administered without error. Sophisticated and expensive medical systems must be maintained and available for optimum utilization. Patients themselves […]

A Realistic Way to Compete in Today’s Parcel Delivery Industry

Would you like to transform your delivery operations to meet customers’ rising expectations? Many companies do, but they assume it’s impossible because they’re not a massive, multi-billion dollar corporation with Amazon’s budget and resources. But optimizing your delivery operations to be more like Amazon is much easier and less expensive than you think. It doesn’t […]

How to Improve Nurse Communications within New Extended Care Models

Partner Blog by Rikki Jennings *This blog post was co-authored with Kathleen Harmon, Chief Clinical Officer, PatientSafe Solutions. Patient Safe Solutions is a Zebra ISV. CLINICAL MOBILITY SOLUTIONS ARE PROVING THE MOST VIABLE WAY TO GET THE RIGHT PATIENT INFORMATION TO THE RIGHT CARE TEAM MEMBER AT THE RIGHT TIME. Along with nurses across the […]

Study: Public Safety Agencies Need to Speed Up Technology Adoption in Order to Overcome Some of the Greatest Operational Challenges of This Generation

Partner Blog by Bob Ashenbrenner FIRST RESPONDERS’ FRONT-LINE HEROICS DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK AND OTHER EMERGENCIES ARE MADE POSSIBLE, IN PART, BY THE SMART TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES AND PROCUREMENT ACTIONS BEHIND THE SCENES. COVID-19 has brought new challenges to the world: full populations under stay-at-home orders, hospitals overwhelmed and supply chains strained. The one constant? Public safety […]

A Proven Digital Solution for Medical Courier and Pharmacy Tracking

Tracking medical courier and pharmacy deliveries is crucial to patient safety and compliance, where one delay or mistake can be the difference between saving a life and a catastrophic or fatal medical error. These risks alone put considerable pressure on couriers and pharmacies to track medical assets and medications accurately and make deliveries as timely […]

Taking Mobile Workflows to the Next Level with Mobile Printers

Many businesses have mobilized their work forces and created automated workflows with mobile computers. But if you want to take productivity and efficiency to the next level, mobile printers are, logically, the next step. Mobile printers offer a way to bring label, tag, and receipt printing to virtually any location inside or outside the four […]