Migrating from Windows Embedded to Android: A Quick Overview

If you’ve been using Windows Embedded on your handheld mobile computers, hopefully you’ve been developing your plan to migrate to Android before Microsoft ends all support for your OS. Given the difficulties of migrating to Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft’s lack of commitment to enterprise mobile computing, Android is now the future of the entire […]

3 Benefits of Implementing an eCitation Solution

If you work in law enforcement at the state and local levels, you know the challenges that your department faces: a tighter budget, but demands for equal or higher productivity.   It’s a difficult problem to solve — how are you supposed to do more with less? An eCitation solution can help solve this critical […]

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Device Geofencing

Mobility and mobile devices have become an essential part of your business operations. From manufacturing and warehousing to transportation and logistics, industries across the entire supply chain and beyond have adopted mobility technologies to increase efficiency and keep up with customers’ demands. But now that you have all these mobile devices, how do you make […]

Remote Support: the Help Desk Capability Every Enterprise Mobility Plan Needs

Imagine you have a manufacturing plant in Arizona, but your IT help desk team is based out of Chicago. When a mobile worker at the plant has a problem with their rugged handheld device, how do you prevent downtime? Losing the use of one of your mobile computers, truck-mount computers, or other rugged handhelds results […]

Mobile Device Management (MDM): What Are the Benefits?

You know that tracking your assets is important — so you’ve probably invested in mobile data collection devices to help you keep track of them. But if you don’t have a management system for these devices, you’re missing out on critical device information and updates necessary to gain complete visibility into the way your business […]

Honeywell Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone Helps Clinicians Better Focus on Their Patients

As healthcare consumers, we increasingly seek out hospitals and healthcare providers that provide the best quality of care and an overall satisfying experience. To meet that desire and extend care beyond the hospital, providers want to better connect doctors and nurses to their patients, turning their staff into “connected clinicians.” By equipping more doctors and […]

The Zebra TC8000: Powerful Hot Swap Batteries = All-Day Productivity

Take a moment to picture your warehouse. Imagine what it would be like if your workers could maintain uninterrupted productivity. Is it even possible? A completely disruption-free workday may not be totally realistic, but if your workers are using mobile devices with hot swap batteries, they can get pretty close. Enter the Zebra TC8000. This […]