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A Realistic Way to Compete in Today’s Parcel Delivery Industry

Would you like to transform your delivery operations to meet customers’ rising expectations?

Many companies do, but they assume it’s impossible because they’re not a massive, multi-billion dollar corporation with Amazon’s budget and resources.

But optimizing your delivery operations to be more like Amazon is much easier and less expensive than you think. It doesn’t require massive resources or a nearly limitless budget, yet you can still achieve delivery speed, tracking and customer service that’s comparable to Amazon and other industry leaders.

It starts by understanding how to combine the right software and mobile technology to create a comprehensive last-mile delivery system.

At Lowry Solutions, we’ve been partnering with ShipTrack and Zebra Technologies to help make this happen for our customers, and they’ve become e-commerce and logistics powerhouses in their own right. Here’s how it works.

ShipTrack is a last-mile delivery management platform that helps optimize fulfillment and shipping operations. ShipTrack integrates with e-commerce platforms to automatically process orders and dispatch them to delivery drivers based on delivery addresses and your preferred business rules.

It automates many processes that are typically done manually, so you can process more orders, in less time, and manage and track deliveries with unprecedented efficiency. Dispatches and driver assignments are all prioritized automatically, according to location, for maximum performance.

For example, one of our customers recently reduced its daily order processing time by 2.5 hours by switching to ShipTrack. The company now makes deliveries faster than ever before and can even increase its daily delivery capacity.

ShipTrack also provides real-time tracking of order processing and deliveries, so you can automatically provide shipping updates to customers and allow them to track deliveries in real-time, just as Amazon does.

Importantly, the ShipTrack software is easy to learn and has a simple interface, so virtually anyone can get up and running with minimal training and effort. And it’s also designed to be adapted to any existing process. In other words, the software works for you and your processes and not the other way around.

For example, some third-party logistics providers (3PLs) have different processes for different clients. One customer might require an electronic signature capture to confirm deliveries, while another may not. With ShipTrack, orders are automatically matched to each customer and its set of business rules, prompting and automating order processing, dispatch, and delivery workflows accordingly.

All of this happens through a simple mobile app running on a smartphone-style or tablet device. For our customer installations, we typically combine ShipTrack with Android mobile computers and tablets from Zebra, to provide an all-in-one solution.

ShipTrack automates and helps manage all the orders and deliveries, and Zebra’s TC77 or TC56 mobile computers run the app as well as other business apps, and they provide ultra-fast data, voice, connectivity, barcode scanning, e-signature, and image capture—all in one device. Zebra also manufactures enterprise tablets such as its ultra-rugged L10 series devices, which provide similar functionality with more screen space and a tablet form factor.

Software installation is easy from the Google Play store, or it comes pre-installed on the Zebra devices we provide. It’s also a SAAS-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services or similar secure servers depending on your location. That means it runs in the cloud and is accessible from any Internet connection.

If you’d like your delivery operations to be more Amazon-like, we strongly recommend ShipTrack and Zebra mobile solutions. To learn more and explore the possibilities for your business, contact us at Lowry Solutions. We’ll arrange a live demo and provide answers to all your questions.