Intermec eCitation Solution
If you work in law enforcement at the state and local levels, you know the challenges that your department faces: a tighter budget, but demands...
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Food Traceability to Maintain Customer Confidence
Consumers’ confidence in the food they eat is eroding. In the last few years, FDA food recalls increased nearly 400%, largely thanks to salmonella and...
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American Flag AIT-V Blog
A transparent, efficient, and cost-effective military supply chain has a direct impact on the lives of our soldiers and military personnel. Downtime, inaccuracy, and waste...
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UDI compliance deadline blog image
In 2013, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) established the new ruling on medical device labeling. The Unique Device Identifier (UDI) rule has been launched in...
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Food-Safe Labeling
Food and nutrition labeling can be extremely confusing — for both consumers and manufacturers. While consumers may wonder what exactly constitutes a serving size, label...
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Honeywell Products
Brighton, MI – Lowry Solutions, the leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions, announces its decision to offer Honeywell products under the AIT-V government contract....
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Preventive Controls The focus of the new law truly revolves around taking more preventive measures for food handling — from farm to table. The Food...
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Last year, the FDA’s unique device identifier (UDI) initiative passed an important milestone. As of last September, all Class III medical device manufacturers licensed under the...
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