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Why Lowry Solutions? Buying AIT Equipment for the Department of Defense

A transparent, efficient, and cost-effective military supply chain has a direct impact on the lives of our soldiers and military personnel. Downtime, inaccuracy, and waste can cloud visibility and delay the delivery of crucial supplies and equipment in mission-critical situations. That’s why government buyers need to purchase the best Automatic Information Technology (AIT) devices available to them.

The solution? The AIT-V contract.

Created by the U.S. Army Product Director, Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PD AMIS), this contract provides a state-of-the-art, common, integrated structure for logistics tracking, locating, and monitoring of vital assets and processes. It provides commercial hardware, software, documentation, and services to authorized users worldwide.

Under the AIT-V contract, government buyers can purchase best-in-class AIT devices and services for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal Agencies at competitive prices. Through the contract, Lowry offers a full range of Intermec by Honeywell printers, scanners, and mobile computers, and Getac’s most rugged tablets. You can view the entire selection of products and services on our AIT-V Government Portal.

Why Intermec by Honeywell and Getac products?

There are three main reasons we’ve chosen to offer Intermec by Honeywell devices under the AIT-V contract:

  1. Intermec by Honeywell designs unique products that meet or exceed government standards.
  2. They have the longest history of investing in their products for government use, and they have been providing the government with hardware for over 30 years.
  3. Intermec’s team members sit on all the government standards committees, which enables them to stay up-to-date on government requirements and industry trends.

Similarly, Getac — which has been building mobile devices for the military for over 20 years — is known for developing innovative technologies that meet military requirements. Their rugged tablets have a long history of superior performance in some of the military’s most remote and dangerous overseas missions.

Intermec by Honeywell and Getac AIT devices deliver the most complete, contemporary data capture solutions, providing reliable, secure access to critical data across the military supply chain to support homeland defense missions.

More than just hardware

You can also purchase critical services under the contract. These services include training, warranty and maintenance services, and Technical Engineering Services (TES).

Lowry provides the most comprehensive services from some of the most seasoned experts in the AIT industry. Most of our specialists have over 30 years of experience in their fields, and they can enable and empower military personnel with the most contemporary services in the industry.

You’ll get to work with the same experts who took the lead on several projects awarded to Lowry under the pRFIDII and AIT-IV contracts — projects like the Army CIF deployment and the Aruba wireless network installation for the GCSS Army project. These are just some of many projects that our experienced specialists have completed in the 25+ years that Lowry has partnered with the government for AIT solutions.

How do I buy?

Buying hardware and services under the AIT-V contract is easy with Lowry Solutions. Simply visit our AIT-V Government Portal — it’s a single source for multifaceted information about the products and services that Lowry offers under the AIT-V. On the government portal, you’ll find:

  • Technical specs and firmware
  • A complete bill of materials for all CLINs
  • Product overviews directly from Lowry’s AIT-V Ordering Guide
  • Standard contract pricing

Using our secure portal, you can view the products and services you need and immediately purchase them. Approved purchasers included government buyers purchasing for the Department of Defense (DoD), United States Coast Guard (CG), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), coalition and partners, other Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and other Federal Agencies.

Lowry Solutions supports the mission of the U.S. Government by enabling smooth, reliable military supply chains with best-in-class asset visibility and AIT device solutions.