Paragon Print and Apply

Paragon Print and Apply


At Paragon Labeling Systems, we are committed to providing labeling solutions with the best value proposition available. Our PLS100 system is a feature rich system used for applying preprinted, decorative labels to products, cartons, cases, pallets, and totes. With its plate aluminum chassis, PLC controller, and remote mount interface, this robust system delivers an unparalleled value proposition with many standard features that are only options on other systems.


Our PLS400 series of labeling systems present a modular and flexible design that allows you to reconfigure your labeling system as your needs evolve without needing to buy a whole new system. Based on an Allen Bradley PLC with a color touch screen interface, the PLS400 Plus system is a feature rich system use to print and then immediately apply labels to products, cartons, cases, pallets, and totes.


Our PLS500 labeling systems are the most advanced labeling systems on the market today. These highly modular systems offer unparalleled configuration choices. They have the ability to be configured as decorative label applicators, print and apply, and RFID labeling systems. They can also be configured as stand-alone systems without the need to be connected to a PC or network.