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Lowry/Zebra Curbside Pickup Study

Optimize Curbside Pickup for Online Grocery Orders

The grocery shopping experience has changed dramatically overnight. Your solutions have also changed, and will continue to evolve to meet customer demand. You have to adapt quickly when customer shopping behaviors shift drastically in response to a public event, such as an infection outbreak. Stay ahead of the increased demand by optimizing workflows for curbside pickup using intelligent computing solutions designed to meet your customer needs for contactless and convenient service. Minimize Contact, Maximize Safety and Convenience Click and Collect orders have surged, creating the need for contactless transactions and curbside pickups. Empower your associates with the tools to efficiently pick products from shelves and prepare orders for fast customer pickups. 

Turn Associates Into Order Fulfillers Instantly notify store associates of new online orders by sending automated alerts to their mobile devices. Once received, associates can quickly pick orders using data-rich images and pass up items that they know are out-of-stock. Pack merchandise, label totes and print receipts prior to the customer’s arrival to expedite order fulfillment. 

Deliver at Curbside for Convenience and Safety Notify associates of customer arrivals by sending real-time alerts to their mobile devices. Scan customer coupons, take additional payment and print receipts all while the customer remains in the safety of their vehicle. Instantly Update Inventory for Improved Fulfillment With front-line devices connected to backend systems, you can maintain real-time inventory levels and help your associates avoid wasteful searches for out-of-stock items so they can focus more on providing efficient curbside deliveries.

Solutions for Curbside Pickup

  • Handheld Mobile Computers and Tablets
  • Workforce Connect
  • Handheld Scanners
  • RFID Handheld Scanners and RFID Readers
  • Mobile Printers

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