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Zebra MC9400: The Next Evolution in MC9000 Ultra Rugged Series

Get ready to welcome the future of rugged mobile computing—the Zebra MC9400 Series. Designed to perform exceptionally well in the complex fields of manufacturing, logistics, and field services, this cutting-edge gadget combines wireless connectivity and increased power to keep your operations running smoothly. Zebra Technologies continues its tradition of excellence with the MC9400, an engineered device that can resist the most demanding situations and offers unmatched durability, cutting-edge features, and remarkable performance. Join us as we explore the newest addition to the MC9000 Ultra Rugged Series and see how the MC9400 will completely transform efficiency and dependability for your business.

Zebra Solutions: Leading the Revolution in Fulfillment and Workflow Efficiency

Customer demands are skyrocketing, while labor and supply chain expenses are escalating swiftly. The efficiency and precision of workflows are now more crucial than ever. To adapt, 86% of warehouse decision-makers aim to grow their teams by 2027 to support a growing emphasis on eCommerce. Similarly, 85% of retail leaders are enhancing the speed and convenience of their fulfillment options, ranging from click-and-collect to curbside pickup and home delivery.

Zebra Solutions is in charge of transforming industries with advanced technologies. By streamlining processes and enhancing operational clarity, Zebra equips businesses to meet growing demands, helping them keep pace effortlessly and set the pace in today’s dynamic market.

Overcoming Challenges with an Upgrade to the Latest Version

Is it Time to Upgrade to a Better Version?

Businesses confront many obstacles in the fast-paced world of today that could affect how they operate. These barriers, including outmoded technology and inefficient practices, could obstruct expansion and output. Nonetheless, the right tools and approaches can overcome these challenges.

Businesses frequently need help using antiquated barcode and scanning technologies. These technologies lack the functionality, accuracy, and speed to meet contemporary needs. Consequently, companies could encounter setbacks, errors, and overlooked opportunities for enhancement. With advancements emerging regularly, the decision to upgrade to newer mobile devices and barcode solutions can significantly impact operations. Let’s explore why recognizing the signs and investing in modern technology can propel your business forward.

New Horizons with 5G Connectivity:

Businesses in manufacturing, energy, and warehousing are embracing 5G. The MC9450’s 5G capability opens up new possibilities, especially in super-tough outdoor places like ports and yards.

Securing the Future with Wi-Fi 6E:

Switching to Wi-Fi 6E has many advantages, such as faster connections, more device capacity, and higher speed. It signifies smoother internet, making everything run faster and better. However, the real significance lies beyond mere internet improvements. The focus is on enhancing productivity and efficiency through seamless automation and robotics integration, particularly in sectors like warehouses. The primary objective is to facilitate work processes and bolster effectiveness.

Streamlined Modernization:

With the MC9400/MC9450, businesses can partially revamp their operations to increase productivity and efficiency. There is no need to retrain or tamper with your systems because the MC9300’s well-known design and accessories simplify switching.

Safeguarding Your Investment:

The worldwide presence of millions of MC9000 Series devices underscores the importance of protecting this extensive install base. By providing next-generation technology in a recognizable form, the MC9400/MC9450 upholds this history and gives clients continuity and peace of mind.

The MC9400/MC9450: Pioneering the Way Forward:

With its innovative design and dependability, the MC9400/MC9450 is a shining example for enterprises navigating the complexity of today’s market. This gadget enables organizations to prosper in the face of change by providing tools like Wi-Fi 6E to future-proof operations and 5G connection to open up new opportunities.

Revolutionizing the MC9000 Series: Introducing the MC9400/MC9450

The most recent model in the MC9000 Series is the TMC9400/MC9450. It’s the robust equivalent of a superhero, designed to maximize efficiency and output even in the face of adversity. Loaded with the latest mobile tech, this rugged Android device is all set to lead the charge in industrial applications.

The upgraded MC9400/MC9450 is taking the world’s best-selling enterprise mobile computer and making it even better! Now equipped with:

  • Wi-Fi 6E and public/private 5G for faster connectivity
  • Increased read range by 20% with the new SE58 scan engine and a highly visible green aimer.
  • 2.5 times more processing power for improved performance.
  • Full support for Android 17
  • Upgraded durability with a 12 ft./3.65 m drop spec
  • Identity Guardian for biometric facial recognition
  • BLE battery for device tracking

The Remarkable Evolution of Zebra's MC9000 Series

What Makes the MC9400/MC9450 Worth Buying?

Let’s examine why this newest model in the MC9000 Series is revolutionary for increasing productivity and efficiency across sectors.

Powering Your Future with Next-Gen Mobile Computing

This platform elevates application performance with 2.5 times more processing power, 50% more RAM, four times the Flash, and eight times the storage compared to its predecessor, the MC9300. Whether handling voice, line of business apps, legacy ‘green screen’ applications, or those powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the MC9400/MC9450 seamlessly manages them all simultaneously. Equipped with a future-ready Qualcomm® platform, it offers built-in support for Android 17 and premium features like multi-Gigabit 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. With ARCore certification, it supports augmented reality applications for upgraded efficiency. The Qualcomm SDM4490 octa-core processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB Flash (upgradeable to 2 TB), and upgradeability to Android 17, the MC9400/MC9450 ensures future-proof mobile computing.

The Toughest Mobile Companion

MC9400/MC9450, the epitome of ultra-rugged design, is now fortified for even greater durability. A virtually drop-proof construction boasting a new 12 ft./3.65 m drop specification exceeds MIL-STD-810H standards, ensuring resilience in the harshest environments. Featuring double sealing with IP68 and IP65 ratings, this device remains dust-tight, functions when wet, and survives accidental water immersion. Enduring rigorous testing, it withstands 6,000 3.3 ft./1 m tumbles, while its ultra-strong impact- and scratch-resistant touchscreen and scanner exit window, fortified with Corning Gorilla Glass, offer maximum protection. Engineered with an integrated one-piece gun handle and over-mold bumpers, the MC9400/MC9450 is designed to endure drops and impacts, providing unmatched reliability in any setting.

Next-Level Connectivity for Smooth Operations

Experience uninterrupted connectivity with the MC9400/MC9450, ensuring workers stay productive wherever they go. With advanced wireless technology, this device prepares you for current and future networking needs. Dual SIM functionality allows simultaneous support for private and public 5G connections, ensuring redundancy or enabling different wireless networks in various areas. Additionally, advanced Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3 improves energy efficiency, minimizes interference, and enhances security, providing reliable connections for uninterrupted workflow efficiency.

Unmatched Scanning Performance

Encounter exceptional scanning capabilities with Zebra’s SE58 1D/2D Extended Range scan engine featuring IntelliFocus™ technology. This advanced technology enables you to achieve new productivity levels by effortlessly reading barcodes on stacked shipping containers, reaching top-shelf barcodes without a ladder, and capturing barcodes from the comfort of a forklift, all while maintaining accuracy at long ranges. Zebra’s IntelliFocus™ technology ensures flawless performance across the scanning range for virtually every barcode. At the same time, the green laser aimer with a wide crosshair pattern augments visibility up to 7 times compared to a red aimer dot, making it easier for workers to target barcodes in various distances and lighting conditions precisely.

Boost Cold Chain Productivity with MC9400 Freezer Models

Improve the effectiveness of your cold chain logistics by utilizing the freezer model MC9400. These versions are built to endure the most drastic temperature changes and provide dependable performance even under the most trying circumstances. Your cold chain activities will function smoothly and efficiently thanks to the MC9400 freezer models, which guarantee continuous performance even at sub-zero temperatures and abrupt temperature changes. With robust construction and advanced engineering, these devices offer outstanding reliability, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your temperature-sensitive goods while optimizing productivity throughout your supply chain.

Enhance Security and Accountability with Identity Guardian

Identity Guardian provides secure device access via facial biometrics and Single Sign-On integration. Administrators acquire thorough accountability for the utilization of shared devices. Tailored on-device experiences according to user roles optimize productivity. Complete visibility is guaranteed through API integration. The optional BLE battery and Device Tracker license facilitate effortless device tracking. With support for up to 100,000 devices across 5,000 sites, Identity Guardian scales with your organization, enhancing accountability.

Maximize Efficiency with Superior Battery Performance

Power through your most extended shifts effortlessly with PowerPrecision+ batteries. Designed for reliability and safety, they ensure uninterrupted operation. With hot-swap battery mode, change batteries on the fly without data loss. Fast charging support ensures batteries remain readily available for immediate use. Real-time battery statistics assist in identifying and replacing depleted batteries promptly, safeguarding productivity. These durable batteries undergo drop-and-tumble testing alongside the device to ensure longevity and reliability.

Avant-garde Ergonomics for Improved Productivity

Similar to the successful MC9300, its balanced weight reduces wrist strain, ensuring optimal comfort and minimizing downtime. The grip curve in the handle aligns with the hand and fingers, providing a secure and comfortable hold. The device’s design also allows easy grab-and-go functionality, with stable placement on flat surfaces. Featuring high-resolution front and rear cameras, including a 16 MP rear camera with HDR, the MC9400 delivers sharper image quality for documenting incoming shipments and conducting quality checks. The front-facing 8 MP camera enables video collaboration for remote assistance and faster issue resolution. With Identity Guardian biometric facial recognition and location applications, the MC9400 offers augmented security and versatility for various business needs.

Elevated Collaboration with Workcloud Communication

Simplify communication by sending instant alerts and broadcasting messages to your entire team. Prioritize safety with real-time alerts, including Drop Detection and duress signals, ensuring swift responses to critical situations. Enable employees to provide quick and accurate answers with the press of a button, facilitating flawless communication between dock managers and pickers. Additionally, file and image sharing can be facilitated through individual or group chats, improving information exchange. Empower workers to fulfill multiple roles efficiently through preloaded profiles containing task lists and protocols.

Seizing Opportunities with MC9450: Trends in Connectivity and Modernization

The industrial, warehousing, and energy industries are all seeing significant buzz. Businesses are embracing 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connection, and guess what? The MC9450 is right there in the mix. This handy device frees exploring new possibilities in tough outdoor spots like yards and ports.

Key Trends and Opportunities:

  • 5G Connectivity Advancements: Companies in different industries are adopting private and public 5G connectivity. They see its value, especially in demanding outdoor environments like factories, shipyards, and utility sites. Due to the MC9450’s 5G capability, the envelope is pushed in challenging outdoor tasks, particularly in locations such as yards and ports.

  • Switch to Wi-Fi 6E: This upgrade makes bringing automation and robots to factories and warehouses easier, thanks to its faster speed and more robust connections than Wi-Fi 5. This modification is essential since the number of linked devices is increasing yearly.

  • Efficient Modernization: The MC9400/MC9450 enables businesses to modernize operations without extensive overhauls. This device enhances productivity and efficiency by offering the same familiar form factor and accessories as the MC9300 without requiring worker retraining or extensive backroom replacements.

  • Protection of MC9000 Series Install Base: With nearly five million units sold worldwide, the MC9000 Series is widely regarded as highly trusted. The MC9400/MC9450 ensures integrated upgrade paths by delivering next-generation technology within the same trusted form factor and platform strategy. This approach maintains familiarity and reliability for businesses undergoing upgrades.

Zebra Solutions: Entrusting Businesses Across Diverse Industries

Zebra Solutions provides apps enabling companies in various sectors to increase productivity and optimize processes. Zebra Solutions is an expert in the warehousing and distribution industry, handling jobs like picking, putaway, cross-docking, shipping, receiving, inventory control, and even working under challenging conditions like non-flammable zones and cold storage. Zebra’s applications help manufacturing facilities with Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking, putaway, lineside replenishment, inventory management, and other crucial tasks that guarantee efficient operations and productive workflows.

Zebra’s Solutions helps retailers efficiently meet customer requests in the retail sector by supporting tasks including online order fulfillment, store receiving, price control, reverse logistics, and accurate inventory management. These are essential for asset management, shipment tracking, and yard management at ports and yards. They improve operational efficiency by offering real-time visibility and control over shipments and equipment.

Zebra Solutions is a dependable partner for companies looking to achieve operational efficiency and propel success in the current competitive landscape thanks to its adaptable solutions that are customized to match the specific needs of each industry.

Maximizing Mobile Efficiency: The Power of Zebra Mobility DNA

With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, Mobility DNA empowers your organization to maximize productivity, streamline operations, and enhance security. Zebra Mobility DNA offers everything you need to optimize your mobile computing experience, from seamless integration and robust security measures to simplified deployment and efficient management.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with the Enterprise Mobility Management Tool Kit, Enterprise Browser, and Zebra Mobility APIs to fully leverage your device’s capabilities.

  • Security: Ensure security with Mobility Extensions (Mx), LifeGuard™ for Android™, and Enterprise Home Screen, providing OS security support extension, app access specification, and Google Mobile Services control.

  • Deployment: Simplify deployment with StageNow and Zebra Zero-Touch, enabling efficient device staging and provisioning.

  • Management: The Device Diagnostic Tool, Device Tracker, and Mobility DNA Wireless effectively manage devices, facilitating device testing, tracking, and wireless data analysis.

  • Optimization: Optimize performance with Device Central, All-touch Terminal Emulation, Enterprise Keyboard, SimulScan, TekTerm, and terminal emulation lite, offering accessory management, legacy screen conversion, improved alphanumeric entry, barcode capture, and application migration capabilities.

Unlocking Value with Zebra Solutions and Lowry Solutions Partnership

At Lowry Solutions, we are proud to partner with Zebra Solutions, which offers diverse services to elevate your company’s operations. Zebra’s MC9000 Series boasts nearly five million units sold worldwide, and our services significantly amplify the value of these products. With Zebra Solution’s three- or five-year protection plans covering accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and device malfunction, we ensure the longevity of your investments and provide you with peace of mind.

Zebra Solution’s cloud-based dashboard provides priceless fleet data and analytics, enabling you to proactively resolve problems and make wise decisions before they influence your company. Working with Lowry Solutions and leveraging the expertise of our team will allow you to optimize Zebra’s product potential and benefit from our wide range of services.

Contact us today to discover how we can support your business with implementation, training, and ongoing assistance.

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