How Enterprise Mobile Devices Can Help Prevent Costly Healthcare Data Breaches

Partner Blog By: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Healthcare organizations are deploying mobile devices in ever-increasing numbers to improve patient experience and clinician/staff productivity. The use of mobile devices by healthcare professionals has transformed many aspects of the healthcare setting and medical software applications’ growth. Healthcare providers increasingly use mobile devices to store, process and […]

Honeywell Voice: A Symphonic Blend of Leading-Edge Hardware and Software for the Distribution Center

Partner Blog By: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Manual operations of machinery have been the common form of human-machine interaction (HMI). The emergence of faster processors, lower-cost memory, enhanced analytical techniques and embedded software continues to change fundamental industrial processes. Per Gartner: By 2022, 35% of human-machine interfaces in manufacturing operations will be augmented with voice-enabled […]

How Honeywell Operational Intelligence Helps Enterprise Improve Ruggedized Device TCO

Partner Blog By: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Enterprise leaders are hyper-focused on evaluating and reducing operating expenses associated with purpose-built ruggedized devices. Choosing a suitable device comes from assessing various quantifiable variables contributing to the total cost of ownership (TCO). The result is a mobile deployment that can increase workforce/workflow productivity, task accuracy, and […]

15 Reasons Why Your Supply Chain Needs Voice Picking Solutions

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Honeywell Voice is a hands-free, eyes-free hardware and software solution used in 60 countries by over 1 million workers speaking 35 different languates. For over three decades, this best-in-class voice-picking solution has helped large enterprise customers decrease error rates by 50%, increase productivity by 35%, and achieving accuracy […]

Optimize Your Workflow Performance with Voice

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell In these challenging times, it’s a balancing act to drive profitable growth and streamline existing processes to further reduce costs and make an efficient business run even better. Honeywell can help you identify additional ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater […]

Five Things to Consider When Using Tablet Computers in Forklift Applications

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Ruggedized Vehicle Mount Computers have been in enterprise industrial operations for many years. Many enterprises have been looking for innovative ways and use cases of whether it makes sense to include a tablet in their device portfolio landscape. One of those use cases involves being mounted to […]

Honeywell Introduces Solutions to Help Healthcare Address Staff and Patient Safety Challenges

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell No time in recent memory has been more stressful for healthcare worldwide than right now.  In today’s climate, healthcare workers on the frontline need to ensure that patient care is error-free. There have been unparallel surges for healthcare services such as diagnostic drive-thru testing facilities, specimen collection […]

6 Ways to Improve Warehouse Operations with Voice Technology

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Like a Swiss Army knife sporting multiple tools in a single package, optimizing warehouse operations by deploying voice technology improves warehouse processes and procedures in six different ways. That’s because voice-guided workflows free up mobile workers’ hands and eyes, allowing them to do their jobs safely and accurately in […]

Disinfectant-Ready Housing vs. Anti-Microbial Additives

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Healthcare professionals are at the front-line of patient care, ensuring safety through infection control. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention advise, ‘Cleaning is the necessary first step of any sterilization or disinfection process.’ As a partner in the field, Honeywell knows that providing healthcare professionals with […]

Honeywell GUARANTEES Android 12 for Mobility Edge™ Platform

Mobility Edge™ Platform

Partner Blog by: Barry J. Ewell / Honeywell Since the launch of the Mobility Edge platform for mobile computers, Honeywell continues to future-proof its devices. As part of our ongoing leadership with Android and Mobility Edge, Honeywell is pleased to announce that the Mobility Edge Android version GUARANTEE has been extended to include Android 12 […]