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SOTI MobiControl – Mobility Management Made Simple

Have you heard about the new Zebra software that makes managing your warehouse so much easier? Lowry is proud to partner with Zebra Technologies to offer SOTI MobiControl, the best mobile device management software on the market. Together, Lowry, SOTI and Zebra are busting the myth that mobility management needs to be complicated.

Why Choose SOTI and Zebra?

The right mobile device management software for your company must be easy-to-use, adapt to your unique needs, and support the devices you already use. SOTI MobiControl delivers on all these fronts plus introduces new features you’ll wonder how you lived without. This revolutionary software enables you to securely manage apps and content, consolidate device management, get hardware support, deploy devices quickly, reduce mobile device downtime, and more.

SOTI and Lowry as a team bring enhanced mobility management solutions to automotive manufacturers plus other industries such as  retailhealthcaremanufacturingtransportation, and logistics. Looking for ways to gain a competitive edge by boosting productivity, maximizing efficiency, and simplifying processes? This software is the answer to making your job easier. SOTI is also Zebra Solution Validated, so you can relax knowing the software will seamlessly integrate with your existing Zebra technology.


The Security Your Company Needs to Thrive

Security is the most critical aspect of your enterprise. One security breach can cost your company its reputation but with this software, you can rest easy knowing that Zebra delivers the industry-leading Android management capabilities you need to keep your company secure. Lowry planning & deployment protects your devices and data from malware and other outside threats, while empowering you with the visibility you need. Lowry will work closely with you and your team during setup so you learn how to manage & control all devices you install on the platform. Plus, SOTI Hub provides a secure and straightforward way to manage business-critical documents and content, so your workers can securely access the files they need when they need them, but can’t access information that is blocked.

Partner with Lowry

As workforce mobility continues to evolve, integrating your warehouse devices through mobile device management is essential so it’s crucial you choose the right partner for a smooth deployment and integration. Since 1974, Lowry Solutions is the total solutions provider of enterprise mobility solutions and AIDC technology for diverse application challenges in a wide range of industries. Taking the step to deploy SOTI MobiControl with Lowry as your trusted partner will produce the results your company is striving for. Ready to take the next steps in simplifying your company’s mobile management solutions? Start your discovery process by getting in touch with us online or giving us a call at (833) 710-0307.

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