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4 Benefits of a Packaging Execution System for Your Business

A packaging execution system is crucial to the efficiency and accuracy of your business’s packaging identification process. Packaging execution systems allow you to centrally monitor and control all actions related to your packaging identification process. All departments of your business — accounting, inventory, finance and distribution — will have access to data pertaining to your packaging identification process.

1. Meet track-and-trace needs, plus cover regulatory and audit requirements.

With a packaging execution system, meeting track-and-trace needs will be easier than ever. Packaging execution systems connect all departments of your business to your packaging identification process. When your accounting department has easy access to your company’s packaging data, including in-depth break downs of expense and revenue reports, you will be able to meet regulatory and audit requirements with honest transparency — and without breaking a sweat.

2. Simplify labeling with one format for all printer brands and models.

A packaging execution system will streamline labeling formats for all printer brands and models used within your organization. Consistent and accurate labeling is vital for the traceability of your products.  In the event of a recall, your packaging execution system will be able to identify which lots or groups of product were affected. Accurate labeling through a packaging execution system means that you will quickly and easily be able to handle any recall situation that may arise.

3. Get true end-to-end serialization solution.

End-to-end serialization allows you to access business information stored with each serial number. The real-time visibility of the entire supply chain that end-to-end serialization offers is critical to your entire business. Packaging execution systems, through end-to-end serialization, allow you to increase your supply chain efficiency and protect your brand.

End-to-end serialization will allow your company to more quickly and effectively handle recall situations. Recalls can be disastrous, costing your organization thousands of dollars in profit, fines, and may even mean the possibility of losing your business. A packaging execution system with end-to-end serialization will allow you to breathe more easily if a recall situation arises.

Recalls also affect consumer trust in your brand. Trust can be earned, but it is difficult to win back once it has been lost. In the event of a recall, your organization may lose a large number of loyal customers who no longer trust your product. When a recall situation is handled competently, and in a way that allows your customers to see that you care about their health, loyal customers affected by your recall are more likely to return.

4. Eliminate manual data entry errors.

If your business is still entering data manually, you know that human error is common. In today’s fast paced market, there is no time to make up for human error. A packaging execution system will ensure that you eliminate human error from your packaging identification process. One person will control the packaging line from a single computer interface, lowering the number of manual interventions and dramatically decreasing the number of errors in the packaging identification line.

If you are still using a number of manual processes to manage your packaging identification process, consider a packaging execution system. If protecting your consumer health, your brand identity, and your pocketbook is important to you, then a packaging execution system could be the solution you have been searching for.

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