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3 Signs You Need a Packaging Execution System

Packaging execution systems (PES) are crucial for the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of your packaging identification process. Many companies don’t realize that packaging execution systems are as vital to the packaging identification process as manufacturing execution systems are to manufacturing. With a PES, you will be able to centrally control all actions involved in the packaging identification process. PES software links the packaging line with the ERP system, alerting all facets of your business- finance, distribution, accounting and inventory- to what is happening in the production line.

Not sure that your company would benefit from a packaging execution system? Here are three signs that your company needs a PES:

1.  You’re tired of dealing with manual line interventions and the errors they cause.

With a packaging execution system, your days of manual line interventions and errors will disappear. A packaging execution system allows you complete and total control over your packaging line. This single solution manages all packaging lines, printers, cameras and controllers. With a PES, one person steers all machines on the same packaging line with a single computer interface. This dramatically lowers the number of manual interventions and, at the same time, lowers the number of errors.  A packaging execution system is a sure-fire way to protect your brand.

2.  You want to be absolutely certain where your products are coming from and where they are going.

This single solution simplifies the monitoring of your distribution channels by handling heterogeneous flows and serialization. While a manufacturing execution process ensures that your products are of consistent quality, a packaging execution system ensures that your packaging identification process is consistent and precise. A packaging execution system handles all until identification and provides accurate information about which products are in which boxes. Packaging execution systems allow for the parent-child association of box-to-product through a mass reading of serial numbers read simultaneously.  These product serial numbers are associated with the serial number of a specific box. PES will allow you to accurately and efficiently monitor your distribution channels.

3. You dread the possibility of a disastrous recall.

When your consumer health is at stake, it is important to have the best product traceability possible. A packaging execution system will monitor all of your company’s data and provide reports on events and actions. PES will show what happened and where during the packaging process. In the unfortunate event of a recall, a PES solution will turn a potentially catastrophic situation into one that is handled accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Your customers will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your company‘s information is securely mastered in real-time. You will know that you are doing the best job you can to protect your consumer’s health.

If you are looking to protect your brand, control your distribution channels, and safeguard your consumer health, a packaging execution system is the answer. With a PES, you will easily manage and coordinate your whole packaging identification process.

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