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RFID Tracking Systems & Solutions

Gain control over your assets with real-time RFID product tracking.

Get Complete Visibility with RFID Tracking Systems

Account for your assets with RFID product tracking.

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Partners That Rely On RFID for Tracking Products and Assets

Our RFID Tracking Systems In Action

RFID Product Tracking System

In a retail setting, RFID systems can be used for numerous applications, including: 

  • Loss prevention
  • Inventory management
  • Customer purchase history
  • Item location

With ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tags, information can be transmitted to a UHF RFID reader from up to 40 feet away.

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Companies trust Lowry for inventory and asset tracking

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Deploying and managing RFID tracking systems

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Active vs. Passive RFID

Active RFID tags broadcast their radio signals much farther than passive RFID tags. This is because active RFID tags are internally powered.

They are most commonly found in real time location systems (RTLS). This is because active RFID tags have a range of up to 750 feet.

If you need to track assets or products over long distances, an active RFID tag system is the right choice for your enterprise.

RFID Tracking Systems
RFID for Tracking Products and Assets

Insights from Your RFID Product Tracking Systems With Sonaria

Sonaria is Lowry Solutions’ inventory and asset tracking solution. Sonaria provides an all-in-one solution for track and trace across your entire enterprise.

In addition to RFID, Sonaria can accumulate data from Bluetooth, barcode scanning, and ultra-wideband technology. 

With a user-friendly interface, Sonaria can generate maps and alerts to enable real-time asset tracking that influences better business decisions.

How Our RFID Tracking Systems Foster Operational Success

GM Direct Part Marking

North American Automotive Manufacturer trusts Lowry Solutions to increase the efficiency of their Direct Part Marking

City of Tyler IT Asset Auditing

Lowry implemented a solution for City of Tyler, TX using passive RFID tags and mobile computers powered by the Lowry Asset Control System (ACS).

Returnable Container Tracking For MOBIS

Using RFID technology, Lowry helped Mobis optimize its assets, ensure a reliable parts flow, reduce costs by matching container requirements with production, and reduce container purchases.

RFID Tracking Systems for Any Industry

RFID product tracking solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs

Why choose Lowry Solutions for RFID product tracking systems?

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