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RFID services for start-to-finish asset management success

RFID services are essential for successful data collections and asset management. Lowry Solutions offers a comprehensive collection of RFID services to ensure organizations have streamlined operations from RFID tag selection and placement services, site readiness and installation to custom training and project management to staging.

RFID Site Readiness Assessment

Even with standards, no data collection technology implementation is truly plug-and-play. Your environment is unique in its physical setting, technology infrastructure, hardware, product flow, and other considerations.

A necessary component of any successful RFID implementation is a comprehensive Site Readiness Assessment. Our experts work with your team to document all aspects of your business process including product flow and routing, product touch points, data flow, and infrastructure. In addition, the facility is surveyed for potential physical barriers and potential radio frequency (RF) trouble spots.|

RFID Site Preparation & Installation

Site installation is a crucial component to RFID services—and taking time to thoroughly prepare makes all the difference. Lowry installation specialists conduct customized site preparation prior to equipment installation, readying wiring, communication interfaces, and logistics.

Lowry Specialists provide on-site assistance in network cabling, software installation, startup, host connection, terminal and network configuration, testing and documentation of the wireless network.

Custom Training & Information Sessions

Lowry Training Services offer: expert trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced equipment, timely and results-oriented curriculum combined to offer you true value when it comes to gaining a true return on investment. Training is rarely a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Custom Training Services provide needs analysis, design, development, test, and delivery of custom training to meet your requirements.

Contact us for custom training facilities, equipment and coursework combining hands-on equipment training and knowledge. The range of programs are held at your site or at our location in Brighton, Michigan.

Project Management

Project Management encompasses all the activities required to plan, coordinate and manage all aspects of a project from concept to production. Project Management RFID services from Lowry provide you a single point of contact for this coordination and ensures timely communication and change management through action plans, review meetings, and status reports.

As a focal point, the Lowry Project Manager works closely with all levels of your organization to ensure that requirements are well understood and documented keeping user involvement high and goals and expectations clearly set and visible. Further, the project manager documents and assesses the impact of any changes and issues that arise, works to resolve them and assists in developing operational procedures.|Services-staging-RFID-service

Provisioning RFID Services

Provisioning is the process of making your equipment operational for the user. This can include hardware configuration as well as software installation and configuration. Provisioning services can be performed on-site at your facility, or they can be performed in Lowry’s Product Staging Center. Lowry can design the provisioning service that best meets your business requirements.|

Contact your Lowry sales representative to discuss our comprehensive RFID services to optimize start-to-finish operations.

RFID tag selection and placement services

Before engaging in the effort to tag your items, the workflow, information needs, user requirements and business processes associated with the items you wish to tag need to be considered. In spite of the numerous RFID tag and inlay options available today, tagging items remains as one of the most significant challenges to implementing a successful RFID system.

We can help you select the tag that will survive in your physical environment while delivering the required performance to meet your business needs. After the tag is selected, Lowry can evaluate the items to be tagged and recommend a placement for achieving maximum performance of the RFID system.|Site Readiness Assessment RFID services are the basis for the system design and implementation plan and include:

Expert Site Installation RFID Services form the foundations of a successful result and include:

|Services-wireless-training|A Lowry PMP Certified Project Manager will oversee and coordinate activities and milestones of Lowry, the customer, and any/all third-party resources. This would include the following:

Staging RFID Services

With Lowry Staging Services, all equipment can be provisioned, tested, repacked, and shipped to all of your locations around the world. Equipment from multiple vendors can be assembled, software loaded and the entire system tested. Battery charging can take place and required activation may be part of the device staging process. A fully tested system with well documented instructions ensures a quick on-site installation.