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Zebra Rugged Scanners

3600 Series

If your work environment is harsh and unforgiving, a standard rugged barcode scanner won’t do. You need an ultra-rugged barcode scanner—you need Zebra’s 3600 series. These industrial devices can take a hit and then some, surviving 8-foot falls with ease. And extreme temperatures? Heat and cold have no effect on the performance of the 3600 series. An extended scan range and best-in-class battery delivers the productivity increase you need. And with superior barcode capture capabilities, you get first-time, every-time scanning reliability. Scan farther, longer, and more accurately with the ultra-rugged scanner that out-scans them all.

Specific Operational Value: Increase productivity and precision in your warehouse or manufacturing floor with the superior capture and indestructible construction of Zebra’s most durable scanners. Offering 1D/2D scanning capabilities, they capture critical data on the first scan. Impervious to dust, dirt, and water, they can stand up to any working conditions. And with Zebra’s exclusive PowerPrecision+ battery, you can get up to 56% more scans per charge. Other features include:

  • 23% more impact durability to survive 8-foot drops

  • Cordless models’ battery lasts over a full shift

  • Up to 30% farther scanning range

zebra rugged barcode scanner DS3678HD S
Zebra’s DS3500-ER Series of rugged barcode scanners


Zebra’s DS3500-ER Series of rugged barcode scanners deliver the durability and power required for industrial environments. Offering a full complement of corded and cordless scanners for all your scanning needs, this series of barcode scanners allows your workforce to focus on their jobs instead of their equipment.

Specific Operational Value: The powerful performance of this rugged barcode scanner series makes it an indispensable tool in any industrial setting. Not only does this one device scan up close and far away—up to 30 feet—but it also can read through several layers of shrink wrap just as quickly as without shrink wrap. Not even darkness or bright light can affect its scanning capabilities. Other features include:

  • Withstands repeated drops on concrete from height of 6.5 feet

  • Trigger can be held down for continuous scanning

  • Scans 1D, 2D, PDR417 and variants, postal codes, and IUID support


Zebra’s MT2000 mobile terminal combines a barcode scanner’s ease of use with a mobile computer’s intelligence. This unique hybrid creates a new kind of functionality that delivers benefits of both kinds of devices to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

Specific Operational Value: As the entry-level model in Zebra rugged barcode scanners, this mobile terminal is also an industry first. It offers the same scanning capabilities and durable construction as a traditional rugged scanner, but it also offers an alphanumeric keyboard for quick data entry. Other features include:

  • Withstands multiple drops to concrete from height of 6 feet

  • Omnidirectional 1D and 2D barcode scanning

  • Features FIPS 140-2 certification to comply with all industry security regulations

Zebra’s MT2000 mobile terminal combines a barcode scanne

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