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Zebra Healthcare Scanners


Zebra’s DS6878-HC barcode scanner gives healthcare workers what they need: a reliable, durable scanner that allows them to focus on the patient and not the device they are using. The consistent scanning accuracy and drop-proof body make it the ideal scanner for any Healthcare setting.

Specific Operational Value: Ergonomically designed, this healthcare scanner operates without a cord, allowing for greater flexibility in hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies. Its IP43-certified sealing means that the scanner can withstand daily wipedowns with hospital disinfectants, as well as exposure to dust and other liquids. Other features include:

  • Captures 1D and 2D barcodes, signatures, documents, and photos

  • Best-in-class drop specification: withstands multiple drops to concrete from 6 feet

  • Offers government-grade security to protect patient information

Zebra’s DS6878-HC barcode scanner
Zebra’s CS4070-HC barcode scanner


Zebra’s CS4070-HC barcode scanner offers superior scanning power in an easy-to-carry design. Small yet capable, it can be carried in pockets or worn on lanyards, giving the user easy access whenever and wherever they need to use it.

Specific Operational Value: This healthcare scanner simplifies processes in hospitals and other healthcare settings by wirelessly connecting to in-room computers, tablets, and workstations on wheels with Bluetooth® capabilities. Its heavy-duty scan button withstands over a million presses, and its durable construction survives multiples five-foot drops to concrete. Other features include:

  • Day and night “Do Not Disturb” modes for patients who are sleeping

  • Omnidirectional scanning capabilities with PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology

  • Captures barcodes on variety of surfaces, including paper, screens, and curved surfaces


Zebra’s DS4308-HC barcode scanner is a durable, high-performance solution to meet the varied needs of the Healthcare industry. With omnidirectional scanning and fast integration, this healthcare scanner makes it easy to complete tasks to keep hospitals and other Healthcare settings running at peak performance.

Specific Operational Value: With PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the DS4308-HC offers superior barcode scanning to accurately capture barcodes on virtually any surface, including curved or reflective surfaces. Not even damaged or low-quality barcodes are too much for the scanning power of this device. Other features include:

  • Easy integration for plug-and-play use

  • Durable enough to withstand multiple six-foot drops to concrete

Supports 90+ international keyboards for easy setup anywhere in the world

Zebra’s DS4308-HC barcode scanner

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