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Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers

Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer

Zebra’s Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series is durably designed so that nothing stands in the way of finishing a task. With a dual IP rating and rugged construction, it withstands rain, drops, and other elements common to outdoor working environments. Because it has such a durable design, it delivers increased uptime and a lower lifetime total cost of ownership.

Specific Operational Value: This handheld computer is both versatile and tough, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. As your business needs evolve, the device can evolve too—it allows you to add extra configurations onto it even after being in use in your enterprise. Plus, it has a balanced design that makes it easy to hold, reducing wrist and muscle effort. Other features include:

  • Dual IP67- and IP65-rated against spills, drops, and liquids

  • Survives multiple drops to polished concrete from 6.5 feet (2 m)

  • Offers extended battery life up to 20 hours

Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer
Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer brings the future of mobile computers to present-day workers. Its revolutionary design and intuitive touchscreen deliver a 14% increase in warehouse productivity—unheard of in an industry where 2-3% is considered outstanding. By reducing the time and effort your workers have to put into their jobs, you get an extra hour of work per employee, per shift, improving your output and efficiency in new and innovative ways.

Specific Operational Value: This breakthrough handheld computer features industrial-grade construction to complement its industry-leading technology—greatly reducing overall downtime. Its front-facing screen eliminates the classic tilt-and-verify motion associated with mobile computers, reducing wrist motion by 55% and muscle effort by 15%. Additionally, its touch keyboard can be programmed to show only the keys required for specific applications, increasing typing speed by 40% and reducing errors by 60%. Other features include:

  • Survives 2000 consecutive tumbles and several 8-foot (2.4 m) drops to concrete

  • All-touch TE software transforms traditional green screen into intuitive graphics-based screen

  • SimulScan technology captures barcodes, text fields, checkboxes, & signatures in one scan

MC2100 Mobile Computer

Zebra’s MC2100 Mobile Computer is an affordable device designed to quickly and efficiently automate inventory data capture in the workplace. User-friendly and lightweight, it is easy for workers to carry around in a pocket or the palm of their hand so that they can use it at the point of work.

Specific Operational Value: Although value-priced, this handheld computer comes with many features that are standard of more expensive devices—making it an excellent choice to increase productivity in your enterprise. IP54-rated with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, it is built to withstand the drops and tumbles that can be expected with daily use. Additionally, the specially designed finger perch on its back helps you get a comfortable grip for all-day use. Other features include:

  • Integrated Push-to-Talk technology improves worker communication and collaboration

  • Withstands 1000 tumbles and multiple 4-foot (1.2 m) drops to concrete

  • Choose from 3 scan engines: 1D imager, 1D laser, 1D/2D area imager

MC2100 Mobile Computer

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