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Zebra Companion Scanners


Zebra’s CS4070 handheld barcode scanner is designed to provide businesses and organizations with enterprise-class scanning in a lightweight, portable device. Fast, accurate scanning capabilities, combined with a comfortable, ergonomic design, ensure that it will keep operations running smoothly without weighing you down.

Specific Operational Value: This pocket-sized barcode scanner has the durability and versatility to hold up to everyday wear and tear in a variety of environments. It can connect wirelessly to all Apple mobile devices, as well as all other popular tablets, smartphones, and laptops so that you can complete tasks from any location. Other features include:

  • Farther scanning abilities than any similar device

  • Omnidirectional scanning

  • 12-hour battery life, with LED light to alert of low battery

Zebra’s CS4070 handheld barcode scanner
Zebra’s CS3000 Series of barcode scanners


Zebra’s CS3000 Series of barcode scanners is designed to perform as a traditional scanner would, but in environments where size, cost, or mobility are limited. Lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to use, this handheld barcode scanner continues to provide the same kind of accuracy in 1D scanning that you expect from any other Zebra scanner. 

Specific Operational Value: This scanner series has an intuitive design, so it requires little to no training to use. Its durable construction can survive drops and falls, resulting in less downtime to save your company time and money in repairs or replacements. It can capture barcodes in either dim or bright light, even up to 45 inches away. Other features include:

  • Reads even damaged or poor-quality barcodes

  • 512 MB of memory to hold over 1 million scans

  • Batch scanning mode and real-time data transmission depending on model


Zebra’s CS1504 barcode scanner is a convenient, lightweight companion for today’s consumer. Its ease of use means that anyone can use it—all they have to do is point and click. This handheld barcode scanner makes it easier for customers to shop, and easier for businesses to understand their customers on a more individual level.

Specific Operational Value: This portable scanner can easily be attached to any keychain and taken with the customer anywhere they shop. It can store up to 150 barcodes, allowing the customer to create their own virtual shopping list wherever they are, or create a gift registry. The user can later delete their scans with the delete button. At the same time, businesses can track the scans in order to create personalized marketing campaigns and get a better understanding of their audience. Other features include:

  • Able to scan up to 5000 items before the battery dies

  • Create shopping lists or get more information on scanned products

  • Can be used with internet/intranet store kiosk as in-store shopping device

Zebra CS1504

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