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Choosing the correct barcode scanner for your application is vital to your success-especially since there are a multitude of factors to consider from handheld barcode scanners to stationary units. Lowry Solutions offers a full range of barcode products that will handle all your requirements; whether you need a reader for 1D or 2D barcodes, cordless / wireless scanners, industrial rugged scanners, or presentation scanners,

Barcode products for 1D or 2D
Zebra Mobile computers or portable data terminals


To maintain productivity your mobile workforce needs access to critical data — fast. Mobile computers or portable data terminals provide workers the convenience of on-site data retrieval so they can keep moving through their tasks. Portable data terminals are devices used to collect data, both manually entered and/or captured by scanning barcodes or RFID tags.

Lowry provides a wide range of mobile computer solutions equipped to perform in any environment. From indoor offices and plant floors to harsh outdoor weather conditions, Lowry has a mobile computer that will perform to expectations to meet your application requirements.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has become an essential tool in helping companies automate manual processes, improve efficiency, and increase task accuracy. With RFID technology integrated into your business operations, monitoring and tracking your assets becomes faster and more precise. Lowry Solutions is a Global Systems Integrator of complete technology solutions, integrating RFID technology to meet the needs of any application in any environment.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

Case Studies

GM Direct Part Marking

North American Automotive Manufacturer trusts Lowry Solutions to increase the efficiency of their Direct Part Marking

City of Tyler IT Asset Auditing

Lowry implemented a solution for City of Tyler, TX using passive RFID tags and mobile computers powered by the Lowry Asset Control System (ACS).

Returnable Container Tracking For MOBIS

Using RFID technology, Lowry helped Mobis optimize its assets, ensure a reliable parts flow, reduce costs by matching container requirements with production, and reduce container purchases.