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Narrowband Mobile Computers

9160 G2 wireless gateway

The 9160 G2 wireless gateway solves that problem with Narrowband wireless connectivity. Narrowband provides a robust and secure wireless connection for simple data applications that can cost-effectively cover every inch of your sprawling facility.

Just one 9160 G2 base station covers up to one mile — a distance that typically requires 10 Wi-Fi access points. Not only are these areas vast, but materials are often present that can wreak havoc on a traditional Wi-Fi signal, from large metal shipping containers to water, wood, ceramics, microwave dryers, other 2.4 GHz wireless networks and more.

  • Inventory Management

  • Asset Tracking

9160 G2 wireless gateway
Zebra Mobile computers or portable data terminals

VH10/VH10F Vehicle Mount Computer

Zebra’s VH10/VH10F Vehicle Mount Computer offers extremely rugged performance to keep your industrial business operating at peak functionality no matter the working conditions. Its construction blends outstanding durability and usability to provide real-time data for increased worker efficiency.  

Specific Operational Value: You can count on superior durability and powerful performance with the VH10. Its compact design and customizability allow you to mount it anywhere in your warehouse vehicle and add scanners, push-to-talk microphones, and other essential accessories in order to meet your specific needs. Additionally, the keyboard and touchscreen are field-replaceable, so your workers can make repairs themselves and lower the overall total cost of ownership. Other features include:

  • Narrowband Digital Wireless provides secure connectivity at affordable price

  • Mounting options included standard RAM mounts and 10-second quick-release mount

  • Backwards compatibility allows you to use same mounts, accessories, and apps as previous Zebra vehicle mount computer

Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer

Zebra’s Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series is durably designed so that nothing stands in the way of finishing a task. With a dual IP rating and rugged construction, it withstands rain, drops, and other elements common to outdoor working environments. Because it has such a durable design, it delivers increased uptime and a lower lifetime total cost of ownership.

Specific Operational Value: This handheld computer is both versatile and tough, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. As your business needs evolve, the device can evolve too—it allows you to add extra configurations onto it even after being in use in your enterprise. Plus, it has a balanced design that makes it easy to hold, reducing wrist and muscle effort. Other features include:

  • Dual IP67- and IP65-rated against spills, drops, and liquids

  • Survives multiple drops to polished concrete from 6.5 feet (2 m)

  • Offers extended battery life up to 20 hours

Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer

Case Studies

GM Direct Part Marking

North American Automotive Manufacturer trusts Lowry Solutions to increase the efficiency of their Direct Part Marking

City of Tyler IT Asset Auditing

Lowry implemented a solution for City of Tyler, TX using passive RFID tags and mobile computers powered by the Lowry Asset Control System (ACS).

Returnable Container Tracking For MOBIS

Using RFID technology, Lowry helped Mobis optimize its assets, ensure a reliable parts flow, reduce costs by matching container requirements with production, and reduce container purchases.