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Zebra Mobile Barcode Printer

Zebra’s QLn

Zebra’s QLn Series of mobile barcode printers improves workplace performance through its combination of speed, resilience, and portability. It is easy to integrate into any system, thanks to its Link-OS and wireless capabilities, and it offers easy usability and a large memory in order to improve the accuracy and speed of operations.

Specific Operational Value: This barcode printer series is built to increase productivity in several ways. It features a continuous design, without seams, and a large tempered-glass display in order to improve durability and ease of use. It features an IP43 resistance rating for protection against dust and water, and it provides better screen visibility to users for faster operations. Various charging options and accessories ensure a better, longer battery life. The Link-OS allows for easy integration and remote management. Other features include:

  • Better wireless connectivity with 802.11n wireless LAN capability

  • Ergonomic design for easy media loading

  • Vertical and horizontal printing

Zebra’s QLn Series of mobile barcode printers
Zebra Mobile Barcode Printer ZQ520


Zebra’s ZQ500 Series of barcode printers is the premier choice for employees working in harsh environments who need as much mobility and functionality as possible. This best-in-class printer combines rugged durability with compact performance for superior productivity. Its wireless and Bluetooth® capabilities allow it to connect to almost any electronic mobile device so that employees can work competently from any location.

Specific Operational Value: This mobile printer features military-grade design to perform in the harshest weather and conditions. Power Smart Print Technology allows it to adjust its printing speed for best battery consumption, and Link-OS technology means that it can be integrated, managed, and maintained from any location. Their compact size makes them ideal for transportation but their ergonomic design is still easy to interact with for maximum productivity. Other features include:

  • Vertical and horizontal printing

  • Most rugged printers available

  • Connectivity with range of Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile devices

iMZ Series

Zebra’s iMZ Series of portable barcode printers is the perfect companion to any on-the-go job. These printers provide an outstanding combination of affordability and reliability in their compact, lightweight design so that operators can execute all basic receipt, invoice, and label printing from any location. Increase productivity and performance with the latest technology at the best price.

Specific Operational Value: This mobile printer series is very user-friendly, combining ergonomic design with ultra-modern connectivity technology. It is easy to refill, and prints regardless of orientation. It can also be worn for long periods of time without discomfort. The iMZ series is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems so that it can wirelessly connect with virtually all mobile devices. Other features include:

  • Prints via Bluetooth® from Apple devices with iOS5 and iOS6

  • IP42-rated for dust and water resistance

  • Built-in battery charger

Zebra’s iMZ Series of portable barcode printers

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