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Connect Scanners and Printers to Your PLC without a Converter

Zebra’s Network Connect allows you to connect barcode scanners and printers to your Industrial Ethernet and a PLC without converter box and without adding network vulnerability. Download our technical brief now to see how it works.
Why Zebra Network Connect?

Until now, operational technology (OT) engineers have had to connect scanners and printers to the IT Ethernet network, which requires third-party converter boxes, adds another point of vulnerability, and requires complex protocol conversion and custom coding. Now you can get the job done much faster, with less complexity and fewer security risks, and with no IT involvement!

  • Secure scanner or printer connectivity in just 10 minutes
  • Built-in support for popular Industrial Ethernet protocols
  • No converter box or custom open socket code required
  • No connectivity to a company Ethernet required
  • Add-on profiles (AOPs), EDS files and modules ready to download
  • Scanner support for Ethernet/IP, Bluetooth, Modbus,
  • Profinet, TCP/IP, serial and more
  • Printer support for Ethernet/IP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more
  • Free templates and design tools to set up your labels
  • Easy label template updates without writing PLC code

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