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MotionWorks Yards

Maximize Your Yard Management Efficiency Automate Yard Processes and Get Real-Time Visibility with Zebra’s MotionWorks

Zebra’s MotionWorks Yard™ automates your key yard processes and lets you know where everything is in real time, so you can save time, save cost and maximize efficiency in every area of your operations.

Reduce Congestion

Move trailers faster and more efficiently with real-time intelligence, location tracking, and cost-saving automation.

Automate Docking

Reduce downtime for dock workers and avoid reloads with automated dock door assignments based on availability.

Avoid Docking Errors

Ensure the right trailer is docked securely and ready to be loaded with Bluetooth low energy sensors and automated alerts.

Ensure Container Visibility

Know cargo types before they arrive and estimate arrival times so you can prep accordingly and reduce downtime.

Increase Yard Throughput

Get accurate, timely information and apply flexible business rules to move equipment and product quickly and safely.

Maximize Space Utilization

Maximize your yard real estate,
parking spaces and dock doors
with complete visibility into your
assets and operations.

Limit Detention Costs

Reduce driver wait time and detention costs with data-driven scheduling and automated exception management.

Document Inspections

Minimize safety issues with automated inspection processes and digital documentation of trailer condition and contents.

How It Works

MotionWorks Yard combines real-time locating solutions (RTLS) with yard management software and mobile computing to deliver visibility and automation that puts your yard miles ahead.

Real-Time Locating Solutions

Track trailers via RFID tags for real-time asset and performance intelligence that helps you ramp up productivity and boost efficiency, operations, and communicate in real time via push-to-talk and automated alerts.

Yard Management Software

Synchronize your operations, loading docks and gate check-ins with software that streamlines the continuous flow of cargo.

Mobile Computing

Stay connected to your backend systems, monitor operations, and communicate in real time via push-to-talk and automated alerts.

Get Out of the Information Black Hole

The yard is the key hub for last mile transportation and delivery, but for many companies it’s also a black hole of inefficiency and lack of information. 

If you’re still relying on manual processes or outdated solutions to manage your operations, you’re likely blind to how much time and cost you’re losing every minute by not having the right yard management, visibility and automation in place. 

MotionWorks gets you out of the information black hole and gives you all the tools you need to streamline your workflows, identify areas for improvement, and establish key performance indicators to create a truly high-performance yard.

Start Automating and Streamlining Your Yard Processes

Download our PDF to learn how MotionWorks Yard helps you get trailers in and out of your facility quickly, safely and correctly.

See how MotionWorks transforms yard management with game-changing automation and operational visibility.

Learn more about MotionWorks and how to maximize your yard efficiency from our location and mobile technology experts.