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Turn the Land O' Lakes Yard Into an Efficiency Powerhouse

Take efficiency and cost savings to a new level with Zebra MotionWorks Yard for automated trailer check-ins, check-outs, docking parking, and more.

See How Land O’Lakes Can Maximize Yard Efficiency

Derek VanBuskirk, IoT Solutions Sales Director at Lowry Solutions.

Watch this video to find out how Land O’Lakes can save time, save cost and boost productivity with automated yard management.

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Automate Your Trailer Management with Real-Time Intelligence.

Zebra’s MotionWorks Yard™ puts real-time yard and trailer information and process automation at your fingertips, so Land O’Lakes managers, switchers and workers can save time and cost in every area of your operations.

Reduce Congestion

Move trailers faster and more efficiently with real-time intelligence, location tracking, and cost-saving automation.


Reduce downtime for dock workers and avoid reloads with automated dock door assignments based on availability.

Ensure Container Visibility

Know cargo types before they arrive and estimate arrival times so you can prep accordingly and reduce downtime.

Limit Detention Costs

Reduce driver wait time and detention costs with data-driven scheduling and automated exception management.

Increase Yard Throughput

Get accurate, timely information and apply flexible business rules to move equipment and product quickly and safely.

Maximize Space Utilization

Maximize your yard real estate, parking spaces and dock doors with complete visibility into your assets and operations.

Avoid Docking Errors

Ensure the right trailer is docked securely and ready to be loaded with Bluetooth low energy sensors and automated alerts.

Save Time and Cost with Complete Yard Visibility

Get out of the information and efficiency black hole with real-time visibility, automation and business intelligence that will help you streamline workflows, eliminate time and cost issues, and maintain a high-performance yard.

  • Real-Time Locating

    Track trailers via RFID tags for real-time asset and performance intelligence that helps you ramp up productivity and boost efficiency.

  • Software-Enabled Automation

    Synchronize your operations, loading docks and gate check-ins with software that streamlines the continuous flow of cargo.

  • Mobile Connectivity and Coordination

    Stay connected to your backend systems, monitor operations, and collaborate in real time via push-to-talk and automated alerts.

Save Time and Cost with Complete Yard Visibility

CASE #1 Accelerating Delivery with More Efficient Yard Management

Facing competition, rising fuel costs, and delivery issues, a leading mail carrier replaced its legacy yard management system with Zebra MotionWorks Yard and immediately achieved transformative results:

• Reduced late trips and improved delivery performance
• Accelerated inbound and outbound delivery processing
• Reduced detention expenses, wait times and fuel costs
• Reduced warehouse, switcher and driver overtime

CASE #2 Overhauling Distribution with Better Yard Management Integration

A leading home improvement retailer leveraged Zebra’s MotionWorks Yard to overhaul its distribution model, integrate three disparate business systems, and make big and measurable gains:

  • Automated and error-proofed trailer check in/out, inspections, parking and audits
  • Reduced check-in time by 80% and eliminated driver waits and extra fuel costs
  • Increased switcher productivity and accelerated gate operations
  • Successfully integrated Zebra MotionWorks YMS with its WMS and TMS

Start Automating and Streamlining Your Land O’Lakes Yard Processes.


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