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Honeywell Enterprise Mobility

10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

“We’ve got a lot of different needs and preferences for mobile devices across our organization – whether it’s touchscreen or keypad, or just about any feature.”
“It’s taking us too much time and costing us too much to certify and deploy. Our team has an enormous backlog.”
“Every team wants to customize preferences… but I don’t have the time or budget to be deploying different setups for everybody.”
“Due to the skills gap, we’re dealing with a lot of temporary workers in all types of roles. We’re looking for a simplified overall user experience to make training easier.”
“We need tough hardware – but not at the expense of comfort, ease of use, speed of data capture, etc.”
“Our people want to be able to start up and scan quickly, and they don’t want to have to change devices because of the battery.”
“We’re moving to Android, but only piece by piece. Doing it all at once would be too costly, risky, and disruptive.”
“I’m dealing with a huge array of operating systems, versions, and form factors.”
“I worry about whether all of our devices are up to date with the latest security patches.”
“With our current hardware, we can only accommodate one more OS update. But we don’t have the budget to keep deploying new devices.”

Why Lowry Solutions?

Lowry Solutions is a leading integrator of solutions for enterprise mobility, IoT, and printing. For over four decades, we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve real-time asset visibility, simplify traceability, and improve process and supply chain efficiency. And, we do it all with unparalleled technology guidance and solutions that turn the latest innovations into a competitive edge for your business.

Here’s what we’re hearing from hundreds of companies.

Honeywell’s voice of customer research shows that many organizations are feeling constrained by a complex system of mobile devices, apps, and infrastructure. Some of the most common challenges are cited above.

What are we doing with these insights?

We’ve created Mobility Edge™ – a unified, dynamic hardware-and-software platform that helps you deliver and manage mobile solutions across your enterprise. Faster, with less risk, at lower cost.

The unified Mobility Edge platform is designed to help companies:

Deploy faster. Certify apps once and then deploy everywhere. 

Optimize performance. Facilitate data capture and secure worker communications. 

Extend the lifecycle. The platform can support OS upgrades through Android™ Q

What about you?

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