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How to Buy Support Services for Your Company

Sustaining Mobility

Mobile data collection solutions represent a significant investment in terms of hardware, software, and implementation services, but these solutions aren’t static; once in place, they need to be properly managed and maintained in order to ensure that they continue to generate a return on investment (ROI). Purchasing support services is a critical step for mobility implementation, and it is important to work with your vendor/ integrator to ensure you have the right level of support for your application. Different enterprises require different levels of service. While some companies simply need an extended warranty or depot repair services, others may want their vendor to handle all aspects of repair, application updates and maintenance, and even remote device management.

Depot Repair

The most basic type of service contract is a depot repair service, which typically extends the standard manufacturer’s warranty for a pre-defined contract length. The customer contacts the service provider when equipment is not working and then ships the device(s) to the repair depot. Once the equipment is fixed, it is returned to the customer. The vendor may also offer add-on contract options that can extend coverage for accidental damage. Depot repair contracts provide a sense of

security for companies and provide a go- to method of having their mobile hardware

repaired. These contracts also allow customers to pre-budget for service costs. If you can afford to be without the unit for several days while it is repaired, this option is highly cost-effective. Companies choosing this option also have the peace of mind of knowing their hardware is being repaired by a service provider that has extensive experience with the hardware, and at a depot repair facility with readily available, certified spare parts.

Advanced Exchange Program

An advance exchange program is similar to depot repair, but allows the company to continue operating in the field with a working device. There is minimal downtime because the vendor maintains a pool of spare devices that can quickly be shipped to end users.

In a typical scenario, a customer calls the service desk and places a service call. Lowry’s Help Desk, in this case, would determine that the device is defective, and then ships a pre-configured replacement device to the customer with guaranteed overnight delivery.

The customer is able to put the replacement device into service in place of the defective unit. They can then put the defective unit into the same box in which the replacement unit was shipped and send the defective one back to Lowry. The defective device would be repaired and returned to the pool of spares.

An advanced exchange service results in increased uptime, heightened business productivity, and an improved return on investment for the data collection solution. Businesses that rely heavily on technology should consider an advance exchange program, or production could be shut down when repairs need to be made to their data collection hardware.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. MDM functionality typically includes over-the-air distribution of applications as well as data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, ruggedized mobile computers, mobile printers and mobile POS devices.

On-Site Maintenance

For some companies, mobile devices and automatic data collection equipment are so mission-critical that they can’t wait to ship damaged devices and spares back and forth from the depot. In those instances, on-site maintenance can provide fast responses and improved uptime.

Managed Print Services

Barcode printers have unique support and maintenance requirements that can tax an already busy IT department. In fact, at many locations, the regular maintenance of these printers is handled by production employees, not IT, and their ability to consistently and correctly carry out those maintenance tasks can vary wildly.


Mobile data collection and barcode printing solutions can generate a significant return on investment and make your business more efficient and productive—but only if those solutions are properly maintained and the hardware is operational. Selecting the right service and support contract will help ensure the reliability of your data collection equipment. With a range of service packages available—everything from basic depot repair services to a fully managed services offering—you can easily match a support contract to your specific needs.

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