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Future-Ready Your Supply Chain with Voice Technology

Innovate Operational Efficiency with Voice-Directed Solutions

Overcome supply chain obstacles and boost your bottom line by integrating cost-effective solutions to revolutionize workflows with your existing processes. One technology that meets the need and is widely deployed at many of the world’s largest distribution centers in voice-directed workflows. Here are five ways voice solutions can help improve efficiency in your operations:

1. Increased Productivity

Workers can better focus throughout a shift, multitask, and increase outputs with voice-directed workflows that encourage continual listening and responding.

2. Improved Pick Accuracy

Errors in warehouse picking processes can cost up to $250 each. Voice-directed picking enables workers to focus on the tasks at hand, with less distractions and improved accuracy.

3. Safer, More Simplified Worker Experience

Hands-free technology reduces distractions and increases awareness of the surrounding environment, including forklift-traffic, to reduce legal liabilities and lower insurance costs over time.

4. Reduce Training Time

Honeywell voice solutions, integrated by Lowry are designed to serve a more diverse
workforce including temporary employees and non-native speakers, reducing training time, costs, and increasing worker satisfaction.

5. Improved Inventory Management

Real-time visibility and frequent cycle counting through voice picking optimizes inventory levels, greatly reducing inventory holding costs, and staffing costs associated with inventory counts.

Voice-Directed Solutions to Streamline Processes and Enhance Worker Productivity

Voice Technologies Make Multitasking Easier

By enabling simplified and more focused workflows, voice-directed solutions improve organization productivity and worker satisfaction. Specially designed headsets with noise cancelling microphones are worn by voice-directed workers to keep their hands free and eyes focused on the task at hand. These systems are flexible and easy-to-use whether used voice-only or supplemented with barcode scanners and RFID readers.

An SAP-Certified Solution

Our voice solution also boasts the ability to integrated directly with SAP warehouse management and data storage systems. The Almansons Platform offers the only SAP- certified voice system on the market. You can rest easy that your mission-critical systems are backed by world-class expertise and continual testing.

Driving Real Results with Voice Technologies

Throughout the supply chain, voice solutions are helping businesses improve efficiencies, reduce errors, and counteract market disruptions through meaningful, SAP-certified workflow improvements. By working with a partner like Lowry Solutions, you can access industry knowledge and experience to deliver cost-effective solutions that best fit your organizational needs and help maximize productivity.

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