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Understanding RTLS: What is Real-time Location System Technology?

Efficient Vendor Management for RTLS Success:

Are you intrigued by the current buzz around ‘RTLS’ and considering the implementation of real-time location tracking in your application or business? This is a careful decision, as real-time tracking can improve efficiency and lead to considerable cost savings. The projected expansion of the real-time location system market is significant, with an expected increase from $4.60 billion in 2023 to a substantial $13.80 billion by 2028. This represents an impressive annual growth rate of 24.60%.

The impact of technology on Real-time Location Systems (RTLSs) will be significant as technology advances. The substantial growth in market size indicates that an increasing number of individuals recognize the effectiveness of RTLS. By streamlining operations and reducing costs, RTLS has become an integral aspect of managing and monitoring assets for businesses. This article aims to offer insights into the workings of RTLS, its applications, and distinctive features. Get ready to explore the practical aspects of real-time location tracking as a valuable tool in business operations.

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Why Are Companies Investing in Real-time Location Systems?

Companies are increasingly investing in Real-time Location Systems (RTLSs) with RFID Reader Writer for various reasons, primarily focusing on enhancing asset and inventory tracking. Adopting RTLS has become a strategic move for businesses aiming to simplify their operations and achieve optimal efficiency in managing valuable assets and inventory. 

Here are some critical motivations behind companies’ investments in RTLS:

  • Precision in Asset Tracking: RTLS offers a high level of accuracy in tracking the location of assets within a facility. Whether equipment, tools, or other valuable items, businesses can pinpoint their location in real-time. This precision eliminates the time-consuming process of manual searches, leading to improved productivity.


  • Efficient Inventory Management: Real-time tracking enables businesses to accurately monitor inventory levels and movements. This leads to better control over stock levels, reducing the likelihood of stockouts or overstock situations. Accessing real-time data on inventory status enhances decision-making and improves overall supply chain efficiency.


  • Cost Reduction: Implementing RTLS in asset and inventory tracking contributes to significant cost reductions. By minimizing the time spent searching for misplaced items and optimizing inventory levels, companies can achieve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs associated with manual tracking methods.


  • Enhanced Security: RTLS with RFID software adds a layer of security to asset and inventory management. Companies can set up alerts for unauthorized movements or potential theft, enabling a proactive response to security threats. This level of control is particularly crucial in industries where the security of assets is critical.


  • Future-proofing Operations: Investing in RTLS demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to technology adoption. As industries evolve, a robust real-time tracking system allows companies to adapt to changing demands and stay competitive in the market.

RTLS: What Is It and How Does It Work?

RTLS represents a technology designed to precisely determine the location of an item or person in real-time. Unlike a specific system or technology, RTLS is a broader concept that can be achieved through various systems dedicated to locating and managing assets. Understanding the principles of how RTLS with RFID chip works is necessary for unlocking its potential across different applications.

How Does It Work?

  • Simplify Asset Tracking with Precision: RTLS simplifies asset tracking by offering precise and current location data. Technologies such as GPS, RFID, or Bluetooth guarantee accuracy in monitoring the movement and positioning of assets within a specified area.
  • Comprehensive Support for Your RTLS Software: The functionality of RTLS is complemented by robust software support. Tailored software solutions integrate cohesively with the chosen tracking technology, offering comprehensive support for managing and interpreting location data.
  • Expertise and Savings: Your RTLS System Made Efficient: Implementing RTLS involves leveraging expertise in selecting the right technology for specific needs. With expert guidance, businesses can optimize their RTLS systems, ensuring efficiency in asset tracking and realizing cost savings through optimized operations.
  • Seamless RTLS Management with a Single Provider: Choosing a single provider for your RTLS requirements ensures smooth and efficient management. Consolidating services from a trusted provider simplifies system integration, maintenance, and support, leading to a cohesive and well-managed RTLS solution.
  • Effortless Accuracy: Save Time and Money on Asset Tracking: The core benefit of RTLS is its ability to provide effortless accuracy in asset tracking. By eliminating manual processes and minimizing errors, businesses save time and money. The automated functionality of RTLS reduces operational costs associated with traditional tracking methods.

What Level of Precision Do Real-time Location Systems Provide?

Understanding the level of accuracy provided by RTLS is critical in evaluating its potential impact on diverse applications. Let’s delve into the complexities of precision in RTLS, examining how this technology offers precise insights into the locations of assets and individuals.

Unlocking Efficient Asset Tracking:

Cycle counting and labor-intensive inventory practices can pose significant obstacles to workflow efficiency. However, with the adoption of an RTLS tracking system, the potential for waste reduction and enhanced productivity becomes unmistakably clear. RTLS capitalizes on technological innovations to streamline the tracking of all assets, delivering hyper-accurate information at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Support for Your RTLS Tech Stack:

Access extensive support for the entire technology stack through a single expert vendor. Drawing upon decades of experience, seasoned technicians specialize in working with leading RTLS technologies, covering passive RFID tags, RFID RTLS software, hardware, Ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS, Sonaria, and active Bluetooth-based (BLE) RTLS.

Complete Support for Your RTLS System:

In the dynamic environment of production facilities, circumstances may arise requiring hardware repairs or adjustments. A professional RTLS system provides Tier 1, 2, and 3 support for your RTLS system, effectively handling any hardware issues and reinforcing the RTLS infrastructure. This all-encompassing support extends to software assistance and team training, ensuring optimal utilization of the RTLS system.

Total RTLS Management:

Commencing with initial consulting and assessments and progressing through concept design, system architecture, ongoing support, and installation components, you receive comprehensive management for your RTLS project from start to finish. Streamline your RTLS journey by engaging a singular provider with extensive industry knowledge and robust vendor partnerships to construct an optimal RTLS system.

What Advantages Do Businesses Gain from RFID Systems?

RFID systems, including RFID barcodes, have become indispensable for businesses across various sizes and industries. Let’s delve into the benefits companies derive from employing RFID systems and how they contribute to their success.

Elevate Asset Tracking with RTLS:

Coupling RFID systems with Real-time Location Systems (RTLSs) takes asset tracking to the next level. RTLS provides businesses with granular visibility into the real-time location of assets, allowing for precise monitoring and utilization. This heightened level of tracking enhances operational efficiency and ensures that companies derive maximum value from their assets.

Continuous Support for Seamless RTLS Systems:

Implementing RTLS is an ongoing process that requires continuous support for optimal performance. A reliable support system ensures RTLS functions flawlessly, providing businesses with the necessary assistance to address issues, implement updates, and make the most of the technology. Continuous support ensures businesses can utilize RTLS without disruptions, maximizing its benefits.

Maximize Your RTLS ROI Potential:

Investing in RTLS represents a commitment to operational excellence, and businesses aim to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). When integrated with RTLS, RFID systems contribute to efficient utilization of resources, reduced operational costs, and improved productivity. Maximized ROI potential ensures that businesses implement technology and derive tangible benefits from its adoption.

End-to-End Services in RTLS Excellence:

Achieving excellence in RTLS requires a comprehensive approach, from initial consulting and assessments to concept design, system architecture, and ongoing support. End-to-end services experienced professionals ensure businesses have a reliable partner throughout their RTLS journey. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees the seamless integration of RTLS into a company’s operations, enabling the utilization of its complete capabilities.

Efficient Vendor Management for RTLS Success:

The success of RTLS implementation relies on efficient vendor management. Businesses gain advantages by collaborating with a knowledgeable vendor specializing in various RTLS technologies. Streamlined vendor management ensures swift issue resolution, extensive support, and a dedicated point of contact for all RTLS-related matters. This clarity simplifies the administration of RTLS systems, enabling businesses to concentrate on operational efficiency.

Securing Tomorrow: Why Lowry Solutions Is Your Strategic Choice

Securing the future of your business requires a strategic choice, and Lowry Solutions stands out as the optimal partner to elevate your asset and inventory tracking processes. Our commitment to excellence, innovative software, and reliable hardware solutions make us the preferred choice for organizations looking to enhance efficiency and security in their operations.

When you choose Lowry Solutions, you are investing not just in a technology provider but also in a long-lasting partnership committed to supporting the success of your business. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your assets and inventory are tracked and safeguarded against potential risks and losses. With a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions to diverse industries, we understand your business’s unique challenges and provide customized strategies to address them.

Experience the difference with Lowry Solutions and witness firsthand the transformative impact on your business operations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our expertise can empower your business for sustained success. Elevate your tracking methods, enhance security, and unlock new possibilities with Lowry Solutions as your strategic choice.


Q1: What Services Does Lowry Solutions Provide for Logistics Businesses?

A1: Lowry Solutions provides comprehensive services for logistics businesses, including advanced asset and inventory tracking solutions with RFID scanners, RFID barcodes, RFID technology integration, and software customization to streamline logistics operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Q2: How Can Lowry Solutions Help Maximize the Benefits of GPS Technology for My Business?

A2: Lowry Solutions maximizes the benefits of GPS technology for your business by offering tailored solutions for real-time tracking, route optimization, and geofencing. Our expertise ensures that you harness the full potential of GPS to improve fleet management, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Q3: Is Lowry Solutions Equipped To Handle Ongoing Support for RTLS Systems?

A3: Yes, Lowry Solutions is equipped to handle ongoing support for RTLS. Our dedicated support team provides continuous assistance, troubleshooting, and updates to ensure the consistent functionality and reliability of your RTLS systems.

Q4: How Can Lowry Solutions Contribute to Optimizing My RTLS ROI Potential?

A4: Lowry Solutions optimizes your RTLS ROI potential through customized implementation strategies, data analytics, and performance monitoring that align with your business goals and operational needs.

Q5: What Sets Lowry Solutions Apart in Vendor Management for RTLS Success?

A5: We work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements, provide transparent communication, and deliver solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring a successful and uninterrupted RTLS integration.

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