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Top 6 Reasons Why Enterprise Needs Mobile Device Management

The global mobile device management market size is projected to experience a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9% from 2018 to 2028. Mobile device management tools and RFID software offer numerous advantages, including heightened productivity and enhanced security, making them invaluable for organizations utilizing mobile devices for business tasks.

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, originated in the early 2000s to secure and oversee devices used by employees within organizations. Over the years, this approach gained widespread adoption in workplaces. The corporate landscape now recognizes the significance of a flexible work environment, where mobile devices play an essential role. This enables employees to conveniently access organizational data and content on their mobile devices, fostering an improved work-life balance.

However, the growth of this mobile environment must be regulated. Allowing it to evolve without restrictions could expose enterprise-level businesses to security risks and other complications. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions were developed to address these challenges.

These solutions offer a scalable and comprehensive management approach, regulating the mobile network while enhancing its overall value. This blog aims to delve into the effectiveness of MDM as a safeguard against data vulnerabilities for businesses. Furthermore, we will explore strategies designed to ensure the resilience and security of your devices for the future.

Empower Your Workforce: MDM for Seamless Device Integration

Implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) involves utilizing a proven methodology and a robust toolset to seamlessly integrate mobile productivity tools and applications into the corporate setting. This solution prioritizes stringent data security standards, going beyond traditional boundaries to efficiently manage all company devices for IT and security departments, regardless of their operating systems.

This comprehensive MDM approach ensures device security and fosters a flexible, highly productive workforce. Employees can effortlessly link their devices to the corporate network, enabling access to essential tools and applications and a dynamic work environment. Additionally, incorporating RFID chips and Long-range RFID Readers enhances overall security measures, contributing to a harmonious balance. The end result is a workforce equipped for efficient device utilization, driving productivity and success for the organization.

Is MDM the Shield Your Business Needs Against Data Vulnerabilities?

As businesses adapt to the changing landscape, using mobile devices in the corporate world has become necessary. Now, more than ever, organizations seek powerful solutions to safeguard against data vulnerabilities and ensure uninterrupted device management. In this context, Mobile Device Management (MDM) emerges as a potential shield against threats. Let’s explore the key features that make MDM an essential tool in the contemporary business environment.

Real-time Updates With Push and Email Notifications

Without interruptions, receive instant updates effortlessly through MDM’s real-time notifications delivered via push and email channels. This proactive feature ensures your team and supervisors promptly receive alerts, encouraging swift responses to security-related developments. Additionally, enhance your capabilities with RFID Inventory Management for efficient tracking and management of your assets.

Single Mobile Device Management Tool for All Devices

Revolutionize your security strategy with the simplicity of a single MDM tool that extends its protective umbrella across various devices. This unified management approach streamlines processes and provides a centralized solution for overseeing the security of your entire device fleet, ensuring extensive protection.

Intuitive Data Dashboards for Tracking KPIs and Threats

Elevate your decision-making process with MDM’s user-friendly data dashboards, providing a clear overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and potential threats. This insightful information authorizes you to adapt and strengthen your security posture, contributing to a vigorous and well-informed security strategy.

Application Management With the Enterprise Approval Process

Take precise control of your applications with MDM’s enterprise approval process. Guard your business by meticulously managing and approving applications for enterprise use, significantly minimizing the risk of compromised security posed by unapproved applications.

Network Security Through Device Segmentation and Remote Control

Upgrade your network security standards using MDM’s advanced device segmentation and remote control capabilities. This feature not only fortifies your network but also facilitates efficient device management and control, contributing to the establishment of a secure and resilient business environment.

Disable Lost or Stolen Devices

MDM not only focuses on preventing threats but also adeptly addresses incidents. In the case of a lost or stolen device, MDM can efficiently disable and secure the compromised device. This effective incident response guarantees minimal disruption and maintains the integrity of your business’s security framework.

Future-proofing Your Devices: A Comprehensive Mobile Management Approach

Explore how an all-encompassing Mobile Device Management (MDM) approach can future-proof your devices, providing a reliable and adaptive solution to the evolving challenges of cybersecurity..

Managing Device Partitions

Mixing personal and business applications on the same device poses significant cybersecurity risks. MDM addresses this concern by creating separate device partitions, strengthening protection against personal account hacks, and ensuring a secure environment for business applications.

Real-time Monitoring and Alert System

Stay ahead of potential threats with MDM’s real-time, user-defined alerts. Receive immediate notifications when specific actions are performed on a device or when an asset moves outside its designated boundaries. This proactive alert system enables users to respond swiftly to potential security breaches.

Geofencing and Location Tracking for Asset Protection

Implement geofences to trigger actions when a product or asset enters or leaves designated areas. This feature simplifies asset tracking and acts as a powerful deterrent against theft. Geofencing and location tracking significantly enhance the overall security of products and assets.

Live Asset Tracking for Swift Decision-making

Monitor the status and location of all devices in real time with MDM. This feature lets users make quick decisions, such as locking a device against theft or damage. Tracking assets in real time adds a layer of protection and control to your device management strategy.

Comprehensive Endpoint Management for Network Control

With an MDM solution that integrates with any device, you can exert complete control over your network, ensuring visibility and management across various operating systems. The comprehensive endpoint management further guarantees a unified and secure network infrastructure.

Remote Assistance and Support for Optimal Device Management

Enable interactive remote control of devices for optimal help desk capability and troubleshooting. MDM empowers remote view and advanced device management, ensuring that assistance and support are readily available, regardless of the device’s location.

Application Monitoring and Management

Prevent the installation of malicious software with MDM’s security alerts and update reminders. Set up devices to automatically download and update pre-approved applications, maintaining a secure and current environment.

Customizable Dashboard and KPIs

Improve the efficiency of business processes with MDM’s customizable dashboard and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Users can instantly access the necessary data without the hassle of manual searches, streamlining decision-making processes.

Remote Control and Management

With MDM, exercise remote control over network-connected devices. This capability lets you disable features and wipe devices remotely, preventing theft and protecting sensitive data.

Embrace a future-proof mobile management approach with MDM, reinforcing your devices against emerging cybersecurity challenges and ensuring a secure and adaptive business environment.

Trusted by Industry Leaders: Lowry Solutions' Mobile Device Management Solutions

Lowry Solutions emerges as a reliable ally for industry leaders seeking resilient solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile device management. From efficient application management to vigilant monitoring, rugged security practices, and versatile compatibility, our MDM solutions offer comprehensive features to reinforce security, enhance operational efficiency, and simplify device management across diverse operating systems.

Our commitment extends to enforcing policies, governing app installations, and ensuring stringent security standards, reflecting our dedication to providing a secure and adaptable mobile environment. With capabilities for remote management, detailed usage reporting, and advanced security measures, including encryption enforcement and real-time alerts, we facilitate organizations to address potential risks proactively.

Elevate Your Mobile Device Management with Lowry Solutions!

Explore the proven solutions offered by Lowry Solutions, designed to fortify security, streamline operations, and deliver an uninterrupted mobile experience across your organization. Integrate our RFID Inventory System, RFID Tags for Inventory, RFID Reader Writer, and RFID Scanner within your MDM strategy to enhance asset tracking, security, and operational efficiency. Connect with us today to harness the capabilities of our MDM solutions, enhanced with RFID integration, ensuring the security of your devices, optimizing performance, and strengthening your workforce.

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Q1: Why Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) Important for Enterprises?

A1: MDM ensures secure and efficient management of mobile devices, protecting sensitive data and maintaining control over device usage.

Q2: Can MDM Support Multiple Device Platforms and Operating Systems?

A2: Yes, MDM solutions are designed to support a variety of devices and operating systems, offering flexibility in managing diverse device fleets.

Q3: How Does MDM Assist in App Distribution and Management?

A3: MDM streamlines app distribution, updates, and removals, ensuring employees can access the right apps while maintaining control over the enterprise app ecosystem.

Q4: How Does Lowry Solutions Address Unique Security Concerns Specific to Our Industry?

A4: Lowry Solutions tailors MDM solutions to address industry-specific security challenges, ensuring a customized and robust security posture.

Q5: Can Lowry Solutions Assist in Employee Training for Efficient MDM Utilization?

A5: Yes, Lowry Solutions offers training programs to empower employees with the knowledge and skills needed to use and benefit from MDM solutions effectively.

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